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7 Must-Have Pool Accessories In 2023

7 Must-Have Pool Accessories In 2023

Pool Accessories

A swimming pool is great for cooling off and having an enjoyable time during summer.

Having a pool also means that you should have some pool accessories. You can enjoy your swimming experience fully with the right pool accessories. Owning pool accessories can translate to a memorable experience when swimming with family and hosting pool parties.

You can choose different accessories, such as maintenance devices and pool toys. But many pool accessories are available in the market, so choosing which accessories are right for you can be overwhelming.

Here Are Seven Must-Have Pool Accessories In 2023

Pool Accessories In 2023

This article will list some of the best and must-have pool accessories in 2023.

1. Swimming Pool Covers

To help keep your pool clean and tidy, purchasing swimming pool covers can ensure that dirt and any other debris cannot enter the pool. Swimming pool covers also enhance the safety of swimming pools since debris that could injure someone swimming is prevented. Various swimming pool covers can have different functions, so it’s best to research what kind you need.

There are common and affordable swimming pool covers available in the market, such as mesh and bubble pool safety covers. When you purchase mesh covers, these are the type that prevents leaves and debris out of the pool and also protect the pool from pests. Meanwhile, bubble covers are thinner and have heat-absorbing material that increases the pool’s heat on sunny days.

Besides these two kinds of pool covers, other available options have safety features such as automatic foam and rubber pool covers. There are rubber, mesh, and vinyl materials that can be pulled with cords to roll the cover on one side. Other automatic pool covers can retract with a remote switch or a phone application.

2. Inflatable Pool Volleyball Net

Purchasing pool toys like an inflatable volleyball net can make your swimming experience more entertaining. An inflatable volleyball net is a great way to kickstart your swimming experience with friends and family. Kids and older people can enjoy playing sports inside the pool to escape the sun’s heat.

An inflatable pool volleyball net is great for pool parties because you can set up friendly tournaments and games for you and your buddies to enjoy. Inflatable volleyball nets are also great to use with your family since you can properly bond with your kids over this sport.

3. Swimming Pool Lighting

One of the most important swimming pool accessories in 2023 is pool lighting. Purchasing swimming pool lights can help increase the safety and aesthetics of your backyard pool. Adding the right amount of outdoor lighting can help set the ambiance of your pool, which makes for a more pleasant experience.

There are a lot of options when it comes to pool lighting. One of the essential types of lightning is directional floodlights so that the entire pool can be illuminated, which makes swimming during the night safe. Other than that, there are other places where you can install pool lights, such as the steps, sidewalks, seating areas, trees, and other plants and decorations.

When you install lights in these suggested areas, you make your swimming pool more visually appealing for you and your guests. At the same time, having a properly lit backyard pool can prevent your kids from slipping and getting hurt in the dark. You can even purchase smart lights to control them with just an application.

4. Floating Pool Beds

You should purchase a good quality floating pool bed if you like relaxing inside swimming pools. When you have a floating pool bed, you can chill out and drink your cool beverage while inside the pool. Common floating pool beds usually measure 30 x 55 inches and can hold around 250 pounds, which is enough to hold your body.

Aquatic pool beds are a very useful accessory for any swimming pool because it is easy to set up and inflate. If you enjoy swimming alone and in peace, a pool bed is a trusty swimming companion to keep you cool and relaxed.

5. Swimming Pool Filters

A crucial accessory for any swimming pool is a pool filter. Quality filters can prevent dirt and bacteria from building up inside your pool. A pool filter can maintain your pool’s cleanliness, ultimately making it safe to swim inside the pool all the time. There are actually different types of pool filters, such as pool sand filters, pool cartridge filters, and earth filters.

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6. Swimming Pool Vacuums

You should also invest in a high-quality vacuum to keep your pool from collecting too much dirt. Swimming pool vacuums are made to scrub out the bottom of your pool and collect specks of dirt that rest at the bottom. There are even some models that can scrub and clean the walls of your swimming pool.

It is important to know that there are two kinds of swimming pool vacuums when purchasing one yourself. The two types of pool vacuums are hand-held and robotic vacuums. Hand-held manual pool vacuums are better for cleaning specific spots because it is easier to reach tight corners and inaccessible places. Manual vacuums are more affordable than robotic ones but consume more time.

Meanwhile, robotic vacuum cleaners are more pricey but can be a good investment because of how convenient these devices are. Robotic pool vacuum cleaners are very functional and can automatically clean the sides and floor of your swimming pool within a small amount of time. They are also easy to set up because you only need to press a few buttons and place the cleaner on the pool.

7. Floating Beer Pong Table

Another accessory that can enhance the fun inside of a pool is a floating beer pong table. This type of pool toy is a great way to add group activities inside the pool because a lot of people can play this game. A floating beer pong table usually measures 6 feet and comes with sideline cup holders and tethering grommets.

Enjoy Swimming With The Best Pool Accessories!

While swimming by itself is already a fun activity, purchasing the best pool accessories in the market can make swimming with your friends and family an even more enjoyable experience.

You should remember to buy items that both add to your pool’s functionality and enjoyable factor when deciding what accessories to buy for your swimming pool.

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