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Pinboards And Whiteboards – How To Find The Best Products

Pinboards And Whiteboards – How To Find The Best Products


Whiteboards and pinboards are mainstays of most office and school environments and for good reason! Since whiteboards came into vogue in the 1950s, they’ve been a fantastic tool for communication, brainstorming and quick notetaking in office and school settings.

Pinboards and noticeboards go back even further (unless you’re Martin Luther and you just make your own out of a church door!) If you work in an office, warehouse or school, you will know firsthand how important these instruments are.

But how do you choose which brand to buy, or which model will suit your specific needs? There are a large number of products available, and they can all seem pretty similar. What should you keep in mind when buying your pinboard or magnetic office whiteboards?

Have a look at this handy checklist:

Have a look at this handy checklist

1. Material

There are numerous materials to choose from depending on your individual or company’s needs. Surface materials can include melamine dry wipe, magnetic and vitreous enamel steel.

Melamine and magnetic are your basic whiteboard surface materials, and steel is the fancier (but better quality) option. Regarding pinboards, materials can range from cork to fabric to felt.

It’s always a good idea to check whether the pinboard is fire-rated; this is essential if you’re exhibiting it in a public building.

2. Frame

Aluminium frames are the standard options for pinboards and whiteboards (just be careful that you’re not purchasing a plastic frame painted silver!) Wood is also a good option for mounted pinboards.

3. Size

Ensure that you measure the space where you plan to mount your whiteboard or pinboard before you purchase it! If space is an issue in your workplace, or you want a pinboard or whiteboard that can change locations easily, consider investing in a free-standing model. These allow for workspace flexibility and can be packed away neatly in a corner when you’re finished using them.

4. Fixings/casters

You need to consider how you will securely mount your whiteboard or pinboard to the wall. Corner fixings and rail systems are normally the most practical solution; make sure that you’re not hanging your board by strings or ropes. Check with your workplace WHS Officer for safety regulations that apply.

If you’re buying a free-standing board, consider the types of wheels and casters before purchasing. You don’t want something that will damage your office floor.

There’s more to consider when buying your whiteboard or pinboard than you might have initially thought. Here are a few models and brands that are highly reviewed and won’t break the bank.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products

1. Wall-mounted whiteboard: 


Quartet Penrite Premium whiteboards are ideal for shared workspaces (including offices, warehouses, factories and schools) that call for improved whiteboard performance.

This product is a classic, no-frills, high-quality whiteboard with an impressive 10-year surface warranty, meaning that you can rest easy.


  • Easy-erase, easy-clean surface (commercial grade)
  • Only requires occasional maintenance to keep its sheen
  • Magnetic, to facilitate magnetic whiteboard markers, dusters and pins (useful for hanging notes and memos on the whiteboard for increased communication)
  • Ideal for moderate use in workplaces with medium traffic.
  • Includes a pen tray along the entire bottom of the frame and a wall mounting kit.

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2. Free-standing whiteboard:


The Rapidline Standard Whiteboard is our free-standing choice; its classic design and ease of mobility have made it a favourite in thousands of offices globally.

Boasting a lacquered steel whiteboard surface with a galvanised steel backing and low-density fibreboard centre, you can’t do much better for quality materials! If you need a portable whiteboard that has stood the test of time, consider a Rapidline.


  • Lacquered steel and magnetic surface
  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • Magnets, wall mounting kit and pen tray included
  • Concealed fixing points for aesthetic
  • 8-year warranty

3. Wall-mounted pinboard:


Say goodbye to boring cork pinboards, the Visionchart Corporate Felt brings a fresh new design to the table. Utilising quality wool felt over environmentally friendly bio board with an aluminium frame, Visionchart uses only the best materials to guarantee a quality product.


  • Comes in Grey and Royal Blue, however additional felt colours can be made to order
  • 7 standard sizes are available, however, custom sizes can be made upon request
  • Fixtures and mounting kit included

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