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How Online Interactivity Can Improve Sales

How Online Interactivity Can Improve Sales

Online Interactivity

There is no doubt that online interactivity can improve sales. It engages the customer with the business and the product. You do not have to be face-to-face with a customer to achieve it. A chat in real-time, feedback made by real customers, and professionally made videos where questions are answered, can achieve it. So, we shall explore further this thinking as there is nothing like interactive content to get the customer on your side when it comes to them wanting to buy the product from you rather than choose an alternative retailer. The company that helped them most to decide will surely be who they trust to sell them the product in the end.

Online chat:

Online chat

Rather than have potential purchasers send emails and then need to wait for a reply, replies on websites can be delivered instantly using online chat. In real-time, customers can receive an answer to their questions about a product. These chats are as good as speaking to a person face-to-face. The customer will have the full attention of who they are asking the question to and then not need to wait long for the reply. This can be when buying the product or be a question about how to use the product after purchasing, offering the customer an aftersales service. So, encouraging them to buy again from this same company. Those answering the questions via online chat will have had training in the products being sold and so have specialist knowledge in that area. They will be able to give information from the instructions of the product rather than just from the sales pitch, which can only ever highlight the main features of a product due to lack of space. This lack of space being because many customers will not want to read long descriptions about a product before buying it. They may think of many questions after they have purchased the product.

Reviews and Feedback:

Reviews and Feedback

A good way for others to see how good a product is can be to allow for buyers to leave feedback, or a review, on a website. This will be something that makes it look and feel like a more interactive space for customers, allowing for their views to be heard, with the knowledge that they will be guiding fellow purchasers in a way that they wanted to be guided when buying the product themselves. These types of additions to websites can mean the difference between people buying or still having doubts about how useful or good a product might be.

In addition, reviews help businesses to improve their products and services, as well as aid customers with buying them. It can be comforting to know that if any reviews are negative it can be because what suits one customer might not necessarily suit another in quite the same way. A balance of reviews can be helpful to everyone concerned. What we all strive for, though, are lots of positive reviews that are going to encourage a variety of people to buy the same product. A product with mass appeal is always going to be a best seller.



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By making an online video as a business you can show product users interacting with each other during the demonstration of a product. This allows for anticipated questions to be asked and answered. A short video can be far better for a potential customer to watch than them needing to trawl through a list of frequently answered question responses. While the demonstrators are using the product, many questions will come to light as they do.

So, a few ways to boost our online interactivity and therefore customer engagement, and so ultimately sales. We should consider having online chat rather than just using emails for faster more instant communication, as emails are now considered the slow way to give an answer. Reviews are a great way to know what customers are thinking and feeling about a product. So long as they end up with good or balanced comments, it will encourage customers to buy the product and then hopefully follow that up with another good review.  Videos are interactive in themselves as they feature real people using the product. They encourage customers to buy who can then see themselves using the product. Videos are more representative of a product than just seeing a still picture of it not working or reading a rather standard description that all companies selling the same product are also providing. From a marketing point of view, content can be boosted by interactivity, using SEO and Pay Per Click. It is something that should not be ignored when it comes to online trading.

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