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The Best And Most In-Demand Careers In Health Care

The Best And Most In-Demand Careers In Health Care

Working in the medical field is very rewarding as you will make a difference in your patients’ lives. You typically need a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, and there are hundreds of career options to choose from, so it is relatively easy to find one for which you will be a great fit.

There are a lot of ways to make use of your experience and education in the healthcare domain. Some of the medical jobs are highly paid as compared to other jobs. That said, some careers in the medical field are more popular and more in demand than others. We look at some of them below.


Nursing remains one of the best careers in the medical field and is very rewarding because most nurses work directly with their patients. A nursing career typically starts with completing a four-year degree and becoming a registered nurse.

After that, one can seek specializations where they can work in specific fields, such as neonatal or geriatric nursing. Nurses can also work independently in some states by becoming registered nurses. Also, nursing can be a pathway to medicine as some universities let registered nurses take a shorter path to becoming doctors.

Medical Laboratory Scientist And Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians are a critical part of creating effective diagnoses for patients. Their work entails collecting samples and performing different laboratory tests, including urinalysis, microbiology, and blood tests, depending on the laboratory and healthcare facility they work for.

They are also responsible for taking care of laboratory equipment and ensuring all samples are high quality and remain uncontaminated for the best results.

Although both careers are very similar, there is one key difference: education qualifications. Medical laboratory technicians complete a two-year associate degree, while medical laboratory scientists complete a four-year degree.

However, medical laboratory technicians can join online MLT to MLS degree completion programs to become medical laboratory scientists. The MLT to MLS degree completion program is tailored for laboratory technicians who want to continue working while they complete their degrees.

The outlook for both careers is very promising, as the pandemic underscored the need for highly-trained and experienced laboratory personnel. Both are expected to grow by 11% in the next ten years.


Although seen as more of a social science career, psychology remains one of the most important careers in the medical field. Psychologists work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Psychology can also be a path to medicine, as some medical schools favor those with a psychological degree or psychologists already working with patients.

Psychologists are in very high demand because many countries are dealing with mental health crises. These crises will continue to get worse, according to predictions, so we will need even more psychologists in the future.

Public Health

This career option focuses on the health of whole communities or groups rather than individuals. Public health professionals put together preventive plans, study health trends, and statistics, promote good health, and propose policies to help their communities remain healthy.

Healthcare is set to keep growing in the coming years, with the unique needs of different communities or groups leading to a higher demand for professionals. For example, the aging population is leading to a higher demand for nurses, while the increase in mental health challenges in Gen Z is leading to a higher demand for psychologists. Getting into any of these in-demand careers is one of the best choices you make today.


A phlebotomist deals with the phlebotomy discipline of the healthcare setting. Their main job is inside the office, laboratory, or clinic, and they assist doctors or lab technicians in taking intense care of the blood collection procedure. In order to become a phlebotomist, one must acquire a certificate from on-the-job training or a phlebotomy course. 

If you are someone who is afraid of blood and the sight of it makes you anxious, then this particular job is not for you. A phlebotomist is responsible for drawing a significant amount of blood to conduct tests and carry out processes like blood transfusions. 

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Assistant To A Physical Therapist

Once in their entire life, everybody has visited a physical therapist and witnessed the amount of work they have to deal with. Every therapist needs an assistant, and you can easily become one. All you need is an associate’s degree from seminars or programs under the “Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy.”

The assistant to a physical therapist enables him or her to operate treatments. They are responsible for helping patients regain their strength right after they are injured, managing pain, and developing enhanced movement. You might also receive a lot of on-job training and get an insight into the role of a physical therapist. 

Massage Therapist

The job of a massage therapist is to treat their clients by massaging the soft tissue muscles on their body and subsequently manipulating it. This lets them relieve the prolonged pain in a specific area and enhance circulation. Subsequently, it eases their stress and heals injuries. They can improve the overall wellness of their clients with a simple massage service. 

In order to become a masseuse, you might need to complete a diploma course in Massage and Spa therapy. However, it is not required to possess additional degrees in Massage therapy. A male or female masseuse is responsible for improving the overall wellness of their clients. 


We hope our informative guide caught your attention and encouraged you to pursue a career in the medical field. There is a plethora of healthcare jobs that you can opt for if you want to build a flourishing career for yourself. 

So, this was all about the careers in the medical sector that will take you to heights. Use the comment section below and let us know your thoughts on this. We are always eager to hear the valuable comments of our readers.


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