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Moonlighting Causes 300 Employees Lose Their Job At WIPRO

Moonlighting Causes 300 Employees Lose Their Job At WIPRO


Rishad Premji, the executive chairman of WIPRO, stated on Wednesday that 300 employees had their employment terminated due to moonlighting.

This was done after they learned that the employees were still on the company’s payroll but were working for its rivals.

Premji said to an ET query on the margins of the 49th All India Management Association convention.

Now for those who are unaware of what Moonlighting is: It is the act of working a second job, especially one you don’t disclose to your primary employer.

The pandemic has provided people with the opportunity to work two jobs at the same time, remotely.

WIPRO’s decision to fire 300 of its employees at once has raised numerous debates about whether it was an ethical/unethical decision on the part of the company.

Some people stand with the employees and say that what employees do beyond work hours shouldn’t be of concern to the company.

On the other hand, companies who consider moonlighting unethical are stating that employees are made to sign the “Conflict Of Interest” clause. Hence, they shouldn’t cause a breach of the company’s products, ideas, and projects to a rival company.

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Even companies like IBM and Infosys have stated that they consider this practice unethical.

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