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6 Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Vape Liquid

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Vape Liquid

Vape Liquid

For a beginner in the world of vaping, things often look confusing. There are many options available, numerous accessories to choose from, but the hardest of all the choices is to select the right vape liquid. These liquids are the crucial aspect of vaping that will help you get the best experience possible.

If you are new to the world of vaping, you might have a ton of questions. For example, you might be wondering whether can you take vape on a plane, or can you vape in public places? Ideally, you should be looking at getting answers to these questions so that you do not have a run in with the authorities.

While connoisseurs are informed and educated when it comes to the best vape juice, enthusiasts starting out can get confused. Good vape juice can make all the difference to your vaping experience. It can make you feel good, smell good and add credence to your entire personality if you are vaping in a social setting.

However, people often make quite a few mistakes while purchasing vape liquid. The reason behind these mistakes is the vast number of options, varieties, and brands that confuse people. So to help you reduce the confusion, here are six mistakes that you need to avoid while purchasing vape liquid.

Vape Liquid

Here are 6 Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Vape Liquid:

1. Picking the wrong flavor

The most crucial aspect of vape liquids is their flavor. There are other criteria too, but none of them will matter if the flavor you got is wrong. People often select the very first flavor they get their hands on, and if it does not taste good, they just quit vaping.

However, every seasoned vaper will suggest one thing, experiment with different flavors. When you test out different flavors and try all your options, you will only know what your taste is. It is a recommendation that beginners start with a safe flavor; for most people, it is tobacco from their favorite cigarette brand.

2. Incorrect nicotine strength

The second most crucial aspect of vaping is deciding on the right nicotine strength. After you have finalized your flavor, you need to understand your nicotine requirements. The selection of the proper concentration is significant, as different strengths will affect you differently.

If you select a strength lower than your requirement, you will end up smoking more to satisfy yourself. On the other hand, a more robust concentration can result in bad headaches. So select your strength wisely. Low(6mg and lower) is for light smokers, medium(9mg to 16mg) is for average smokers, and high(18mg to 36mg) for heavy chain smokers.

3. Ignoring the right PG to VG ratio

Every beginner should get familiar with the terms PG and VG, along with their implementation. Propylene Glycol (PG) makes the flavor more vibrant, but the smoke output it provides is less. Vegetable Glycol (VG) gives out an enormous vapor production while muting the flavor.

For beginners, some recommend starting with a 50:50 ratio and changing it according to your needs. Commonly people prefer a 40:60 ratio of PG to VG for optimal taste and smoke. There are also all-PG and all-VG liquids manufactured, but they used according to personal preference. If you are allergic to PG, you must only use all VG liquids and vice-versa in case of a VG allergy.

4. Buying poor quality liquid

Newbies make this mistake almost all the time. For beginners spending money on liquid seems too much, and they quickly become victims of cheaper online vape liquid ads. Buying juice from an unreliable brand just because it is cheap can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

These poor and cheap quality liquids will most definitely ruin your entire vaping experience. Moreover, they will save you some money now, but it will cost you later in the form of health-related issues. Hence, before buying liquid, make sure it is from a trusted brand if you are unsure, take recommendations from other vapers, and online reviews.

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5. Getting liquid in bulk

Do not buy vaping liquid in large quantities or bulk. Especially if you are starting to vape or if you are still in your experimenting phase. While purchasing in the beginning, when you are not sure what you like or not, getting liquid in bulk can be a risky move.

If you are in a vape store, try out some of the testers they provide for customers. Otherwise, if you are shopping online, get the tester packs available on the website, before committing to a specific brand or flavor.

6. Neglecting used ingredients

Always check the ingredient list of the liquid before you decide on purchasing it.

The essential ingredients of a vape liquid are:

  • Water
  • VG
  • PG
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

It would be best to avoid any other suspicious-looking ingredient. Looking at the parts will give you a basic idea of whether there is any chemical component present in your liquid or not.

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