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Migrant CEOs Making A Mark In American Businesses: A Case Study

Migrant CEOs Making A Mark In American Businesses: A Case Study

Migrant CEOs

America is mostly known for its strong economy and headquarters of esteemed organizations. In addition to that, one thing that is firmly rooted in American history is the stories of successful immigrant inbound CEOs.

Today, most American enterprises are run by immigrant CEOs. Take Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish-born inventor, and entrepreneur who founded the Bell Telephone, which eventually goes on to become AT&T in 1875.

There are other children of immigrants who graduated from American and made a name for themselves in the American Industry. If we start naming successful immigrants in American, the whole article might fall short.

This is why in this article, we will talk about only the successful immigrant CEOs and how impactful their work has been in America.

How Have Immigrant CEOs Left Their Mark On America’s Economy?

If we start talking about the immigrant CEOs’ achievements in America’s economy, we will be left with an unending list. In fact, according to the new economy’s partnership, 41% of the companies in Fortune 500 were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

In recent studies, the National Foundation For American Policy’s found that immigrants have started more than half of the 87 startups in recent years. Their startup’s total market cap is equivalent to almost $1 billion and has created more than 700 jobs for each company.

Elon Musk from South Africa (Electric vehicles & Space travel), Steve Chen from Taiwanese (Co-founder of YourTube), Jan Koum from Ukraine (Whatsapp), Sundar Pichai from India (CEO of Google) are some to name a few.

Migrant CEOs Making A Mark In American Businesses-

If we start talking about every successful Migrant CEOs’ success story, we might never complete this article. With that being said, we have enlisted the most influential CEOs in the American industry.

1. Sundar Pichai:

Sundar Pichai


Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai, India. He completed his higher education in India and moved to the U.S for a master’s degree from Stanford University. With his efforts, he became a part of Google and soon CEO. Today, he is considered to be the most powerful man in mobile.

Pichai’s journey with google started in 2004 as VP of product manager, and eventually, he saw through the development of Gmail and google maps.

2. Seifollah Ghasemi:

Seifollah was born in Mashhad, Iraq. When he turned 15, he showed his enthusiasm to visit the USA. For that, he went to a special school organized and run by international oil companies. From there, he got an international scholarship with a condition to come back and work for them.

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Seifollah was a bright student; while he was in his colleges, he designed and worked on building steam-powered automobiles. Despite working for an oil company, he was looking for an alternative to oil. He later worked at a national Iranian steel industries company.

3. Safra Ada Catz:

Safra Ada Catz was a survivor of the Holocaust and a daughter of a native Israel family. Catz came to the USA when she was only six years old. She completed her education at Harvard and started a Donaldson career before coming to the oracle in 1999. She was considered the right-hand man of CEO Larry Ellison and was given the nickname “ The Architect.”

She is one of the few women who is considered on par with the global male leaders. She has always shown her interest in developing the women’s education system. She has always asked other women to work harder, work longer, and be louder. Due to her approach, her colleagues used to call her management type “ Tough.”

Final Thought:

Immigrant CEOs are showing how it is done. Today most of America’s economy is controlled by Immigrant CEOs.

With that being said, if you consider them your role models and want to be like them, you first need to hire immigration lawyers to ensure your immigration process is smooth.

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