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Make Your Products POP (Point Of Purchase)

Make Your Products POP (Point Of Purchase)


When you’re thinking of new ways to draw attention to a new product or service in your Denver-area store, one of the most effective tools at your disposal is the Point of Purchase (POP) display.

You can use POPs to sell anything and everything, and they can be customized in shape and size based on the product you want to showcase—in fact, the more creative, the better.

Why POPs Work :

Studies have found that POP displays are effective in increasing sales when used effectively. That’s because consumers who are in your store are more primed to make a purchase than in any other time or place because they are already in buying mode. In fact, more than 80% of all purchases are made in the store.

  • Pop can serve as your silent salesperson:

By keeping a customer in the store and engaged with a specific product while you’re busy with other customers. They help ensure consumers make a purchase then and there rather than waiting until they go home and talk themselves out of it.

  • POPs help draw attention to your products

Consider using a point-of-purchase display when you want to showcase a new product or are running a special on surplus inventory. The beauty of point-of-purchase displays is that they can come in any shape or size, have opportunities for customer interactions, or can be startling, which is a good way to draw in your customers.

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  • POPs can allow for customer interaction, which helps them connect with your products

Point-of-purchase displays can be combined with interactive features that engage your customers in a unique retail experience. Adding QR codes, special offers, LED lights, or a touch-screen display gives shoppers more reasons to stop by and see what you have to offer.

  • POP displays are an affordable way to market your products.

They help increase sales on products you want to highlight at a much lower cost than other options like radio and television advertising. The cost of a POP sign kept in place for a year in your store costs between 3 and 37 cents, while a 30-second TV commercial costs $4.05 to $7.75 to reach 1,000 potential customers. Plus, you get more bang for your buck with the POP because the customer is already in the store and ready to make a purchase when they see it. This works especially well for signs promoting a discount or other in-store special.

Dr. Scholl’s has become a master of the POP display with its custom orthotics kiosks in Wal-Mart. Consumers can step onto a pad, which analyzes their foot type to determine what orthotics would work best. Plus, the products are usually part of the display, so you can make a purchase quickly and easily.

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Videogame manufacturers are also experts in the POP display. They usually feature their game console attached to a visual display that allows gamers of all ages to try the latest game. In fact, when the Xbox Kinect came out several years ago, many stores had areas blocked off for gamers to try the newest virtual reality technology. Manufacturers also use signs at the point of purchase to clearly demarcate their area in the store.

The Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to take your in-store marketing to the next level, consult the experts at Visual Edge Signs. We offer POPs in a variety of shapes and sizes to help showcase your products and services.

And for creative POP ideas, check out these award-winning displays from around the world.

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