Have you ever been annoyed by power interruption? Or have you been complaining about the high cost of the power supply? If yes, you can try solar power, an alternative way to light up our home. Solar energy from the sun brings an essential role in our lives.

Most living things on Earth needs light from the sun to survive; from the smallest plants and largest animals and to all human beings. The Sun is also providing power that can run most devices and machines today through solar energy.

What is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators are a compact electronic boxes that consume the heat from the sun to produce electricity which we can use in our homes. It has three components unified to perform energy conversion: the batteries, charge controllers, and an inverter.

Types of Generators:

Typs of Generators

Solar generators differ in uses and characteristics, but there are two classifications where they belong. These generators are freely usable even if your home doesn’t have an entire solar power system installed.

 ● Portable Solar Generator

Portable solar generators bring a lower wattage capacity unlike solar backup generators, but it can power most of the devices at homes such as portable televisions and lights.

Some portable solar generators come with handles and wheels so you can carry it around with ease and comfort. Solar panels can recharge its battery for more extended usage.

● Solar Backup Generators

Solar backup generators the ones used in an emergency for homes and events power shortage.

These units carry high wattage capacity; it can recharge and power up essential devices in your homes like small appliances, lights, fans and more. It can provide power all day the smaller machines, so it’s an admirable thing to have.

Reasons for Going Solar:

There are many advantages of investing in a solar power panel and generator. Below are some reasons why:

● One of the Safest Power Supply

Solar power is an alternative way of producing electricity other than burning fossil fuels, coal and gas. Unlike burning fossil fuels and gas that produces air, land, water pollution, acid rain, and damaged forest areas; solar power is safe and is harm-free to human and environment.

Reduced emission of pollution helps cure global warming. It restricts climate change since it creates no carbon emission. Producing solar power energy doesn’t affect habitats of animals, coral structures, and marine life.

● It is Efficient and Renewable

Of all the advantages of investing solar panels and generators, the most important part is that solar power is undoubtedly a renewable source of energy. Solar energy is indefinite unlike other forms and sources of power that is limited and can run out. It is a stable source of energy since the Sun’s energy is vast and consistent.

● Can Positively Reduce Electricity Bill

Reduced usage of electricity form the power providers is an essential thing to do. Installation of solar panels on your roof or using solar power generators can save you a lot of money from paying electricity bills.

You can say goodbye to your high electricity bill cost since you have your natural and reliable power supply that can light and run most of the appliances in your home.

● Low Cost in Regarding Maintenance

Solar panels and generators are maintenance free for its batteries will last for many years, don’t require water and other regular services.

You don’t have to worry about recurring costs of installed solar panels on your roof, all you need to do is to keep them clean. You can see GStore for excellent and affordable deals on solar panels and generators.


Conserving energy and power is one of vital thing that we should do in today’s generation. Good thing that there is such solar power technology which allows us to have an alternative source of power. Because we never know when will we depend on fossil fuels as a source of energy so better decide to invest in a solar power generator and panels in your homes.

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