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6 Reasons Every App Developer Needs a Library of Code Snippets

6 Reasons Every App Developer Needs a Library of Code Snippets

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When you’re an app developer, working efficiently is a must. You’re most likely juggling multiple projects at once, and it’s helpful to be able to switch from project to project with ease. It’s also important to stay organized so you don’t lose track of where you are in progress or what task you were working on.

It’s frustrating having so many windows and tabs open which causes you to get lost switching back and forth between them, forgetting what you had open and where.

What if you had access to one large suite of apps that allows you to create a library of code snippets, supporting over 420 languages that makes organizing and sharing your code a breeze?

Read on to discover how software that allows you to do this can make your life easier.

1. Organization Made Easy

You might have go-to scripts that you use while developing an app, such as functions you routinely call at the beginning of your code. Instead of storing this on your system somewhere or having to remember where you’ve uploaded it, create a library of code snippets that contain what you use on a regular basis. You can sort them any way you want, create Smart Groups, and tag them as well so you can switch between tags.

2. Commenting is a Must, Especially If You’re Sharing Code with Others

2. Commenting is a Must, Especially If You’re Sharing Code with Others

What have we all heard since our first programming class? Comment, comment, comment. Even if you know what you were trying to achieve with your code, someone who comes in after you may have no clue why you used a certain command or chose to write the program in a specific way. If you’re a solo developer, you still need to be able to look back at code from years ago and remember why you did what you did.

As you create a library of code snippets, you can add any additional information you want to make relating back to it easier. Links, descriptions, brief explanations, whatever you feel is necessary to include. It’s easy to combine snippets together, and if you change your mind, you can go back and break them out again.

3. See Everything Clearly and in the Proper Syntax

Since the software supports over 420 programming languages, you can toggle between them and view your code in the correct syntax, invaluable for troubleshooting syntax errors and ensuring everything looks right before you go to compile and test. You can toggle by selecting which language you’re using at the bottom of the window, so no menu hunting is needed.

For a better visibility, you can use markdown preview, which shows how things will look all nice and formatted.

4. Haven’t You Always Wanted an Assistant?

4. Haven’t You Always Wanted an Assistant?

It’s not exactly someone anticipating your every need, but when you create a library of code snippets, you do get an assistant to help you search efficiently. All your snippets include shortcuts from the menu bar, so you don’t have to hunt around for where you stored them or even open the main window.

Customize your search scope (a search scope sets aside specific pieces of information in the index) to make your searches easier. You can preview your code before pulling up a specific program and jump back to the home screen anytime you need.

5. Integration with Other Platforms

This might all sound good, you’re thinking, but you already use other repositories to store code. Won’t this just be one more thing you need to switch between?

Fortunately, the software integrates with common code repositories so you can import and export code between them. This way you don’t have to make sure to upload your code in both places. If you’re working with someone else who only uses the other platform, all you need to do is export what you did, and they’ll be able to see everything.

Do you prefer to send snippets as you work? Or do you prefer to send the completed project once it’s complete? You can do either when you create a library of code snippets.

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6. Backup Your Code So You Never Lose It

Isn’t it just the worst when you work on something for hours, only to realize you forgot to save it, and then your system crashed? You feel so defeated you don’t even want to try again, even though you’re pretty sure you remember everything you did and could recreate it easily.

Everyone always says to back up what you’re working on but it’s easy to forget to do that. With this app, you don’t have to think about it. It works with other file-syncing services and keeps your code consistent between them. And, no more wringing your hands after forgetting to back everything up, because it automatically syncs daily so you’ll never lose your code.

Create a Library of Code Snippets to Make Life Easier

We all want to work smarter and have everything easy to find and access. No one wants to waste time hunting and pecking for file locations or to see where that semicolon belongs. It makes sense to use an app that streamlines everything for you so you can focus on app development.

To follow with the “everything you need in one place” theme, the application suite comes with over 230 apps that solve problems you didn’t know existed. You can do everything from menu expansion, track time or money, turn text into audio, recover files, and extend your battery life. It even comes with an SSH terminal and a way to manage SQL databases.

While it’s true that many of these things have other apps you can use to accomplish these tasks, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place? No more searching for an app and comparing reviews to figure out which one is the best. This suite is full of apps to bring efficiency and organization to all users. Start by creating a library of code snippets and see how much simpler everything is.


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