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Learn Financial Market Through Online Portal Elearnmarkets

Learn Financial Market Through Online Portal Elearnmarkets

Learn Financial Market

The financial market referred to as the barometer of the Indian economy and it is indeed very interesting to participate in it. It will enable you to earn handsome returns when you invest your money in the right way, and can also give you a highly rewarding career.

Getting these are not easy, and you require proper education to be successful in the markets. The stock markets are known to be ruthless to those who try to invest in it with little or no knowledge. To earn profits, you need the right education which will enable you to spot the best investment opportunities and also to identify the right time to invest and exit. It is also very important that you get this education from the best experts who are themselves investing / trading in the market profitably at least for a few years.

Elearnmarkets was founded in 2015 by a group of IIM alumni to fulfill this need. High quality education from authentic sources is hard to come by, especially when we talk about the Indian markets, and many of the retail market participants still try their luck in the markets based on tips that they receive from others. Elearnmarkets is trying to bridge this gap by making financial education accessible to everyone at an affordable cost.

Elearnmarkets is the online education portal of Kredent Academy, one of the most renowned financial services education companies in India. Elearnmarkets provides e-learning courses and other online educational materials, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. You can get started with learning finance in an easy and convenient way by registering a free account on

Financial Market Through Online Portal Elearnmarkets

There is a plethora of resources, both free and premium which Elearnmarkets provides. Let us take a look of some of the exciting resources that you can find on, which can make learning finance a breeze for you.

1. Free and premium courses :

Elearnmarkets offers more than100free and premium courses on various aspects of finance. These courses come in two formats: Live online and recorded online courses.

The live courses are held as per a predetermined schedule and the registered learners can watch and listen to the experts who conduct the classes live and also ask questions in real time. The recorded courses gives the students the flexibility of viewing the content videos at any tie and replaying the videos as many times as they want to. Both the formats offer doubt clearing facility and access to experts through email and WhatsApp groups.

Many of these courses are recognised and certified by industry stalwarts like NSE Aacademy, National Commodities And Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). These certifications can give the students the credibility that can get them recognition from reputed finance companies in India and keep them ahead of other applicants in job interviews.

2. Webinars :

Elearnmarkets also conducts exciting webinars on finance, which generally focus on helping the attendees to learn how to invest/trade in a better way. These are also conducted either by the experts at Elearnmarkets or by guest speakers who are highly reputed names in the Indian financial markets.

We also make recordings of these webinars available to those who have not been able to catch them online. These are available for purchase separately and offer incredible value for money to the viewers.

3. Ebooks :

There are many ebooks that can be downloaded for free of cost from These cover some exciting topics like “how to invest in shares at just Rs. 5000” And Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) that can allow you to invest in mutual funds and get tax benefits too.

4. Articles and guides :

We have a very active blog where we write articles and guides on finance almost every day. You can find market wraps, discussions about the latest news and also learn about financial planning, fundamental and technical analysis, mutual funds and wealth-building for free.

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5. Videos :

Learn finance from a series of free videos that we have made available on our website. These are available in multiple languages and categorized into sections like building blocks, technical analysis, economics, etc., to make it easier for you to discover the ones on topics that you want to learn.

6. Financial tools :

Want to practically apply what you have learned? You can head to the financial tools section on the website to find exciting resources like a sip calculator, financial games, quizzes, and also at hiring job board with can help you to find a suitable career opportunity for yourself.

7. Elearnmarkets app :

We have created an Android mobile app that allows you to learn finance on the move. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, register a free Elearnmarkets account through it, purchase courses, learn and do just about anything mentioned here. Using the Elearnmarkets App is a great way to learn on the move and also receive notifications about the new resources we release. We recommend that you watch this short video to know more about this app.

Bottom line :

Visit right now to start learning finance. Register your free account on the site and start exploring all the exciting features that it offers. This will be the best step that you can take to build a secure financial future and a rewarding career for yourself.

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