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Knowing More About Bridging Building Loans

Investing 3 Mins Read May 10, 2023 Posted by Sharmita Shee

Do you want quick money for buying a new property? Then bridging Building loans are the best solution.

Many people spend in the real estate market very intensively. To do that you want to have a good amount of money stored in your bank account or else you will not be able to buy any property. Sometimes people want to buy a new property by selling the old one, but they do not have the amount of money nor time. This is where bridging Building loans come to rescue them. In this article, an in-depth discussion on what bridging Building loans is all about and what are its benefits will be done.

What Is Bridging Loan?

A bridging loan is a kind of loan that you opt for when you want to buy a new property with the intention of selling the previous one. If you require a bridging loan in the UK (or elsewhere), companies or private lenders can provide you with a loan for buying the new property with the expectation that you pay the loan back after you have sold the old one. This may seem an ideal solution to the problem of gathering instant money for trading in a new property. Generally, after the old property is sold the bridging loan is converted into a home loan for the new one, and you are required to pay it in monthly or quarterly payments to the lender.

Benefits of Bridging Building Loans :

There are some important benefits of taking out a bridging loan. Let?s have a look:

  1. You can save a lot of time by not working around to gather the money required and can buy the new property right away if you opt for a bridging loan. It is quick and almost instant of lending.
  2. Bridging Building Loans help you to save money by not moving from one property to another. You do not need to rent a place to stay after selling the old property because now you can stay in your old house and buy a new one. After the purchase is made, you can move out directly to the new property, thus saving money.
  3. Bridging Building loans give you peace of mind and help you to opt for a better negotiation and deal in a much better manner because the money will be given by the lender immediately.

Thus, Bridging Building Loans are very important and useful to many people who are looking for quick money to buy a new property.

But there are a few negative points which you must keep in mind before opting for such a loan. They are as follows:

  1. You must make sure that you can sell the old property and that too in a realistic deadline. Else you will be required to pay higher rates of interests on the property if you fail to sell the property within the given deadline.
  2. If you cannot repay the loan back, the vendor will quickly sell the property which you mortgaged to retrieve his loan back without allowing you to make any profit.
  3. You cannot redraw back from a bridging loan once it has been issued. Even if the price of the property goes down within the given deadline, you are compelled to sell it at any cost.


So, as you can see after reading the article that these loans have their own set of benefits and drawbacks which may either profit you or put you into a huge loss. With passing days, bridging Building loans are growing more popular among the people investing in the Real Estate sector. Therefore, consult and think before opting for a bridging loan to buy a new property.

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