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Jake Paul Net Worth 2022 | Must Read!

Jake Paul Net Worth 2022 | Must Read!

jake paul net worth

After spending an entire afternoon on the American short-video hosting and social networking platform Vine, I couldn’t help wondering about Jake Paul and his net worth. Does the name Jake Paul ring a bell? The Jake Paul net worth story is pretty interesting, considering the man rose to fame on a social media platform. 

But that’s life. From Justin Bieber to The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes, the list of celebrities first discovered on social networking platforms is pretty long. Jake Paul is one such famous name that became famous owing to his success on Vine as a social media figure or rather a personality. Keep reading to find out more about Jake Paul and his net worth!

Who Is Jake Paul?

 Born on 17th January 1997, Jake Paul first came under the limelight through his short videos on Vine. Soon, fans spotted this handsome golden boy on Disney’s Bizaardvark, which ran for two whole seasons between 2016 to 2019. Unfortunately, more than fame, Jake Paul became an infamous celebrity for a number of controversial actions on his part.

  • Jake Paul was fired from Disney’s Bizaardvark.
  • The 25-year-old has also featured inappropriate content on YouTube. 
  • Paul has also been criticized for engaging with participating in dangerous stunts.
  • Moreover, the famous social media personality is also known for his sexually-suggestive behavior. 
  • And that’s not all since the actor has also been charged with unlawful assembly as well as criminal trespassing. 

However, the infamous actor turned over a new leaf in his career after defeating Deji Olatunji, a famous YouTuber from Britain, in an amateur match. Soon, Paul also beat AnEsonGib, another YouTuber, professionally. In the last two years, the world has witnessed the rise of Jake Paul, the boxer beating popular names like.

  • Nate Robinson, the retired basketball player.
  • Ben Askren, the reiterated mixed martial artist, and
  • Tyron Woodley, former UFC champion.

Now that you know who Jake Paul is let’s dive into the intricacies of the whole Jake Paul net worth story without wasting any more time! Scroll down and find out more on the same.

The Jake Paul Net Worth Story:

The Jake Paul Net Worth Story

Yes, you are absolutely right! We will give you the juicy details on the Jake Paul net worth 2021 story, and that’s not all. Keep reading to find out all the financial gossip awaiting below!

Presently, if you google Jake Paul’s net worth, you will find out the boxer’s net worth is 310 million dollars. If you actually check out the Jake Paul net worth 2020 story as well as the 2021 story, you will understand how rapidly the man’s net worth has simply multiples right through the Pandemic. Check out the table below for more information on the famous personality’s net worth.

Net Worth 310 million dollars
Annual Income65 million dollars
Boxing Income18 million dollars
Youtube Income21 million dollars
Cars Owned12
House Properties7

The above table is enough to point out the Jake Paul net worth story in detail. 

In this case, you need to note that these are the current stats, especially if you check out the various sources of his income. Naturally, his total net worth is different from the Jake Paul net worth boxing section or YouTube section since all these sections are added up for the total net worth of the famous social media influencer.

You will understand this better if you go through his income sources! Scroll down and read about Jake Paul’s income. 

Jake Paul’s Income:

Jake Paul’s Income

When you combine all the followers that Jake Paul has on different social networking sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, it comes to a solid 50 million. Naturally, today 50 million followers can help you become a successful influencer on social media, and Jake is no different. When brands approach him for promotional activities on social networking sites, Jake earns up to a solid 75,000 dollars.

Moreover, Jake Paul has plenty of assets, and you could find out them as well. Check them out below as I have managed to find information on all of them! 

  • 7 properties in real estate,
  • 12 cars,
  • 3 yachts (luxury)
  • Cash reserves (more than 40 million dollars)
  • 18 stocks (valued at a whopping 35 million dollars)

Jake Paul’s Car Collection:

Jake Paul’s Car Collection

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Check out the table below for more details on Jake Paul’s car collection! Please note that I have mentioned only the top five of his most costly cars for you to get a fair idea of the assets this man has managed to gather at such a young age.

Car Price
Porsche Panamera305,000 dollars
Rolls-Royce Ghost950,000 dollars
Bugatti Divo7 million dollars
Ferrari Roma680,000 dollars
BMW Z4150,000 dollars

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is Jake Paul’s Net Worth In 2021?

Jake Paul’s net worth can be calculated to be a whopping 17 million dollars. The famous American personality has become considerably rich at a very young age through his multi-talented skills as a vlogger, boxer, influencer, and even actor. 

2. What Is Logan Paul’s 2022 Worth?

Logan Paul is the younger brother of Jake Paul. Both the Paul brothers are pretty rich, and Logan’s present net worth is calculated to be a solid 245 million dollars. Among the two brothers, naturally, Jake is the richer one. 

3. Is Jake Or Logan Richer?

If you are wondering who is richer, the answer is Jake Paul. While the net worth of Jake Paul is currently calculated to be 310 million dollars, Logan Paul’s net worth is only lagging behind by only 55 million dollars at 245 million dollars.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know about the Jake Paul net worth story, it is hardly difficult to figure out the combined Jake and Logan Paul net worth. The Paul brothers are on a fire and things can’t get any better than this.

Thus, if you are astounded with the net worth story of this famous 25-year-old, let us know in the comments below whose net worth you want to know next! We will be waiting!

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