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How Inventory Scanners Can Benefit Businesses

How Inventory Scanners Can Benefit Businesses

Inventory Scanners

When it comes to keeping an eye on stock levels, we have two choices – we can either count it by hand or we can adopt a digital or computerized method of stock control. The latter is the only option when you are dealing with vast volumes of items. So, knowing which is the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory can only benefit your business.

With this in mind, we should consider the benefits of inventory scanners in general. Wireless scanners will make the job easier when places within a warehouse are inaccessible and greater portability is required.



It is quicker to scan a bar code than it is to read information manually. So, this speeds up the process of receiving goods and dispatching them out for a business. It will mean that fewer staff hours are required to process the orders, thereby reducing business expenses.

The time saved on stock movement can mean that staff can be redeployed elsewhere for other activities within the business. It need not take all day just to keep track of the stock coming in and out of a warehouse or distribution depot. Not when it is controlled by the use of inventory scanners to record everything quickly and precisely.

Trip Hazards:

When boxes cannot be packed away quickly, they are invariably in someone’s way and represent a potential trip hazard.

So, they should be recorded and put away as quickly as possible. So, this follows on from the above heading and highlights the importance of having a device such as an inventory scanner to make this process as quick as possible.

Also, we do not want boxes outside for long when the weather conditions are not good, as stock can become damaged by rain or snow.



Stock that has not been accounted for promptly is a security risk because if we do not know it has arrived, how can we know it has been stolen?

This leaves a business open to the risk of theft from inside and outside a business. Those less honest will play on ineffective systems and it is for a business to combat this by having a system that controls stock in a way that protects their interests.


It is far more accurate to use an inventory scanner. There is then no chance of an employee’s handwritten figures being misinterpreted by others better at handwriting.

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Figures can look similar when written down in a hurry. This could have disastrous consequences if the wrong quantities were to be assumed and then an important order or contract could not be fulfilled within its deadline. Penalties could be imposed that would reduce company profits and severely put in jeopardy good relations and reputations. We cannot afford to lose customers because our stock control methods are not up-to-date.

The use of inventory scanners will ensure that everything is stored on a computer with accuracy and also that stock levels for each item can be seen clearly at a glance.


Sometimes boxes need to be stored in inaccessible places to best make use of available warehouse space. It is, in these instances, much easier to use a scanner so that nobody has to get that close to a box to be able to read what its label says. An example of this might be during a stocktake.

There is no doubt that the barcode has revolutionised the retail and manufacturing sectors. Those that have not embraced the technology so far only have to seek it out online.

In summary, bar code scanners when used for inventory purposes are a faster and more accurate way of recording the amount of stock flowing through a business’s warehouse. They save time and reduce errors, so what is not to like about them? They can transform a business into a highly efficient operation when it comes to stock control.

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