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Learn More About The Ins And Outs Of Trade Show Booth Designing

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For a company looking to grow its customer reach, trade shows offer a great platform to reach its target audience effectively and affordably. Now, the best thing about being at a trade show is the one-on-one interaction you get to have with potential customers. Here, you can build the image you want your brand to be associated with.

But you will not be the only company competing for customer attention at a trade show. That is why you want to take time when designing your company booth. In this article, we learn some of the nitty-gritty of trade show booth design.

The Successful Trade Show Booth Design: Key Elements To Consider

The right trade show booth design is a huge asset to your brand. It will attract, engage, and even convert new clients. So, it is quite important that you know some critical aspects of trade show booth design before getting started:

Define Your Goals & Objectives For Your Booth

The goal of having a trade show booth in the first place is to market your brand. So, you need a sound marketing strategy. The key question that should be in your mind is, ?What do I hope to accomplish at the end of this campaign??

With a clear goal in mind, you can devise a strategy for the trade show to help you reach where you want to be.

You Want To Prioritize Creativity & Interactivity To Make An Impression

The bigger the trade show, the more the vendors will be. So, you will only have seconds to wow people walking past your booth. The point is to immediately capture their attention so they want to stop and learn more about you.

That is why you have to be creative when designing your booth. This might mean including custom aluminum extrusions to create a truly unique design. More importantly, you want to incorporate interactive elements into the design.

So, what design elements can make your booth interactive? You can, for instance, ditch passive elements such as a video screen for live demos that your audience can participate in.

You could also have games or giveaways that will have people spending more time in your booth. More play time means a longer opportunity to convert them.

A Good Design Is About Short, Impactful Messaging Placed In The Right Areas

Words are just as important as the graphic elements in your show booth design. The most important of which is your company logo. You want to post at different key points around your booth to ensure you are noticeable at all angles and, consequently, reinforce your brand.

You could also come up with a few catchy headlines that you can place at strategic points in your booth.

The messages should be simple and in a large and clear enough font to make it visible from afar. More importantly, you want your messages to be placed at a good enough height so that it is easy to see.

Empty Space Is Just As Important

Empty space in your booth graphics and the physical arrangement is also important in making your booth comfortable and appealing to your target audience.

So, you want to keep the booth clean, with minimal clutter and just enough furniture in the right places. This way, your audience will have enough room to interact with your brand and its representatives.

As for your graphics, leave about 40% of the total space empty. This ensures the key message is not lost in a lot of noise. It remains clear, easy to digest, and, more importantly, impactful.

Technology Plays A Key Role In Making A Unique Design

Incorporating the latest technology in your booth design will contribute to getting your audience?s attention and engaging them.

Technologies like virtual and augmented reality, highly-responsive touchscreens, and LED video tiles, which are some things you get at DisplayCraft, can make your booth more interactive and engaging.

Technology can also help keep things moving smoothly throughout, giving your audience a positive experience. It also plays a pivotal role in addressing your needs and, simultaneously, delivers you the best you need to stay ahead of others. 

Being Simplistic Is Good 

The trade show booth needs to be simplistic in its design. The appearance of the booth needs to be simplistic in every aspect, right from the design, the set, use of colors.

While choosing colors for your design, it is better to stick between two colors and more. But both of them must form a contrast to arrest the attention of the audience. Focus on the Arial font in your content. It can help you attract people standing near or at a distance.

Include Your Web Address And Social Media Handles On Some Designs 

Include the social media handles of the company in your exhibition booth. This is the age of social media, and its role in enhancing connectivity and networking can not be denied. Millions of people are a part of it. 

Also, mentioning the web addresses of your company improves connectivity. If your offer is indeed good, then they will take photos of your exhibition and check out your offerings online and at their convenience. This is the way it works. Hence be conscious of adding social media handles, and it will work for you. 

Choose The Right Exhibit House

A good exhibit house can do wonders for you, without a doubt.  Select the one that prides itself in working or partnering with you. The essential feature of a good exhibit house is that it takes care of your needs. 

Not only this, but the exhibition house also takes care to discuss the elements that make your display more effective and accurate. It is an essential aspect that marks the success of such events. They will extend their utmost cooperation with you. 

Invest In A One-Of-A-Kind Trade Show Booth Design To Give Your Brand The Traction It Needs To Scale

The above pointers are some things to consider when coming up with a design for your trade show booth.

However, the ins and outs are much broader than this. So, it is always best to engage a qualified marketing company to take you through the process of building a successful booth.

What you need is to be actively engaged with the design and approach of the entire presentation plan to make the event a great success. 

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