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Natural Gems – Three Places with Incredible Natural Attractions

Natural Gems – Three Places with Incredible Natural Attractions

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Natural gems or attraction surprises us each step of the way, although it seems that we know it perfectly. Its amazing creations awaken our imagination and constantly delight us. They arouse admiration and encourage us to take a closer look. When planning a longer leave from work or simply a weekend city break, it is worth launching a good flight search engine and deciding on cheap flights to places known for their impressive creations of nature. Below are three ideas for an interesting trip to various regions of the world.

Natural Gems – Three Places with Incredible Natural Attractions

Here are the 3 places with incredible natural gems or attractions.

The Hanging Boulder in Norway

Northern Europe is a location rarely chosen by tourists for holiday getaways. However, you will surely and easily find cheap flights to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway’s largest airport. Although the capital of this Scandinavian country may not be associated with natural attraction, its immediate surroundings abound in natural attraction gems.

From this location, it is worth taking a car trip west along the coast and admires the amazing fjords. After a few hours of breath-taking views, you will reach the town of Kjerag, known for one of the most popular stones in Europe, and maybe even in the world. To what does it owe its popularity? Thousands of years ago, it got stuck between two mountain ranges at an altitude of about a thousand meters above sea level. What’s most interesting, you can climb the boulder and take photographs as an interesting souvenir and prize from your trip to Norway.

Balkan bay among the mountains

Mountain peaks falling directly into the sea are one of the most characteristic features of the Balkan coast. Every year, they attract millions of tourists hungry for incredible experiences and views. But the Bay of Kotor looks amazing even against their background. The very shape of the lagoon, seen from a bird’s eye view, makes us humble against the power of nature. The bay consists of three smaller inlets in the shape of triangles, which connect at one point with peaks. On top of that, the whole bay is surrounded by soaring dark mountain summits.

Along the coast leads a road that you can travel around the entire bay. It guarantees amazing views and the opportunity to visit towns established in the Middle Ages. Hidden among the peaks and almost invisible from the open sea, they have survived to this day retains much of their original form.

You can visit the Bay of Kotor by choosing plane tickets to Tivat. Our flight search engine will find this location marked with the symbol TIV used in the international IATA code. The international airport serves numerous flights from Western Europe, thanks to the local Montenegrin carrier Montenegro Airlines. Traveling with this carrier is also an opportunity for cheap flights to the Balkans.

The African table

The last place on our map is one of the cradles of humanity or South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town. It is there that traces of primitive men from over 600,000 years ago were discovered. The most interesting place in this area is Table Mountain. It is a massif with an almost flat peak and an area of three square kilometers. Its characteristic contours, along with the neighboring peaks, are the symbol of the city. They also found their place on the flag in a modern form.

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Table Mountain is considered one of the natural attraction wonders of the world in many rankings. It is recognized as the flattest mountain on the planet. You can reach the summit by cable car or on foot. While climbing, you have a chance to admire species of flora and fauna characteristic of the region.

By booking your flight tickets well in advance, you can benefit from cheap flights to Cape Town. The airport serving this city is the second-largest port in South Africa. Some of its connections include London thanks to British Airways or Munich thanks to Lufthansa planes.


These places are just a few of the many natural gems scattered around the planet. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cheap airline tickets and a good flight search engine and visit some of the less popular locations. Source:

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