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5 Ways To Improve Your Business Entrance

Business Intelligence 4 Mins Read December 16, 2021 Posted by Mashum Mollah

What sort of impression does your business make when people walk in for the first time? Do you think it looks appealing? Is it inviting? Or could you maybe be putting people off and actually driving away potential customers before they have even set foot over the threshold? Let’s read further to improve your business entrance.

Whether you realize it or not, first impressions matter. Your building could be beautiful once you are inside, with great interior design. But, if your entrance is looking tired and shabby, you could be losing a lot of potential business.

Businesses need to realise that when it comes to entrances, they need to focus on both the aesthetics of the space, as well as its functionality. In other words, you want spaces that not only look good, but are usable as well.

In this regard, businesses should not ignore the need to ensure that their workspaces do not suffer from any pest-related problems. If you feel that there might be the need to look into such problems, specialist companies, such as if in the Texas area, are just a call away and can treat the problem easily.

Here are 5 Ways To Improve Your Business Entrance:

Your business image reflects directly on what people think of it. So here are 5 easy steps you can take to make your business more welcoming and improve that business entrance.

1. Branded Flooring

Branded Flooring

It may seem a little out of the box but think about it. You have a beautifully maintained floor that is clean and well designed. People just walk on it right?

But how many times do you hear customers/clients say that they weren?t sure they were in the right place when they first walked in?

Having clear signs at the front of your building is one way to ensure the business name is easy to see, as is having a sign on the door.

Now imagine you have your company logo and name, right there as they step onto the floor. Not only that, but you have your brand colours. It all looks so coordinated and really helps to bring home the quality of your brand while clearly showing that this is the entrance to your particular business. Not much chance of confusion with a branded floor.

According to Conor from R-Tek Manufacturing Ltd ?These tiles are easy to maintain and they will look amazing for years to come and keep give the entrance clear signals that it is your company.?

A good quality entrance mat will also help to reduce wet and muddy foot traffic that could damage your floors. However, with decent quality branded flooring, this is not essential. This way you can improve your business entrance.

2. Windows


Windows are more important than you may think. Nice clean windows show you take pride in your place of business, but they are also a way to display so much more.

Whether you have beautiful window displays showing what you offer or just a sign with opening hours and the name of your business, it all needs to be clear and easy to see. So keep those windows spotless as much as possible.

Having your business hours displayed either on the window or the door is essential to avoid any confusion.

3. Lighting


Let?s face it, the winter months can get pretty dark early on. Invest in some attractive external lights to help light the way for your customers as they enter the premises. It will also help to prevent any tripping accidents if people can clearly see as they step over the threshold.

Good quality lights can add a little extra feature to the front of your building and create a sense of security for your customers and clients entering and leaving the property.

4. Clean Exterior

Clean Exterior

If your premises are painted, make sure the paint is maintained and not peeling or flaking. Tired looking paintwork can really make a place look scruffy.

Brickwork and pavements should be regularly pressure washed to keep them looking clean and tidy and make sure there is no rubbish floating around the exterior of your building.

A nice touch for some places is to add a bit of greenery. Potted trees and plants make the place look fresh and inviting.

5. Inside the Lobby


Finally, think about what is inside the lobby. Brochures telling your clients what you offer are a great thing to have on hand as are any business cards. This way they can take away your contact details and see what you have to offer on top of what they are already coming in for. It is a great way to up-sell your products and services.

If possible, you could have a water dispenser or coffee making facilities, a comfy place for them to sit and wait and more plants to give an air of comfort and welcoming.


Above all, make sure that the entrance is clean and clear of any clutter. If you have a receptionist, make sure they have a neat desk area to welcome in new clients and customers with those brochures being clearly accessible.

Keeping your entrance looking well maintained and fresh will ensure that your business is thought of in a positive light. Whenever you are revamping your business, make sure you prioritise the entrance as those first impressions count.

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