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Important Portfolio Management Tools You Should Know About

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It’s crucial to explore new tools to keep you ahead of the competition in real estate. The field of business offers a variety of profit potential to entrepreneurs. Yet, many overlook areas of profit because their portfolios are not as organized as they could be.

If you’re a multiple-property owner, there are new ways to combine your holdings into a portfolio. You can use specialist portfolio management tools to handle your assets. Developers created these tools with all aspects of portfolio management in mind. They improve corporate productivity, lower your overheads, and raise profitability.

So let’s look at what’s on the table.

1. Buildium

This specialist software includes a set of features designed to help real estate agents manage their portfolios. Asset maintenance operations are automated using Buildium.

Furthermore, it has responsibility for all aspects of property management accounting. Buildium, for example, can:

  • Track rent payments.
  • Manage budgets.
  • Keep you up to date on vendor activities.
  • Generate financial reports as needed.

The software can also monitor your bank accounts. Plus, it can execute automated reconciliation for portfolio financial management. A limited demo of this real estate portfolio management software is available for free.

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2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that helps real estate asset managers manage their finances. It’s also a versatile and effective software tool for portfolio management.

You can sync maintenance activity with your calendar. You can also generate alarms, and you can simplify your communication with agents. Furthermore, the dashboard presents you with convenient property info in a straightforward manner.

FreshBooks is also very scalable and can be used by both small and large businesses.

You can do accounting with software such as:

  • Processing payments.
  • Managing accounting periods.
  • Generating financial reports.

As a result, it’s a dynamic and comprehensive real estate portfolio management tool.

3. RealPage

It’s possible to use software tools to ensure that your real estate portfolio grows and progresses. RealPage is a digital solution that can give you the facts and metrics you need to make educated decisions.

Developers created this software for real estate agents, property managers, partners, and other property management professionals to utilize. You can use this software to discover and record operational and financial data through an appealing interface. Furthermore, this digital solution allows you to collaborate with other real estate sector stakeholders.

4. Appfolio

This software can help your real estate company enhance income and profits by providing features that help with efficient management. Appfolio can track numerous real estate agents’ actions at the same time.

When necessary, it can also generate financial reports. You can use this software to determine whether your managers are meeting their key performance indicators.

Appfolio can be used on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, this digital technology gives you access to an easy-to-use dashboard that displays data about your property assets. This helps you to keep track of your portfolio while you’re on the go. It is available for free as part of a limited-time trial demo.

5. TenantCloud

Since TenantCloud is client-centric, with robust features, it?s suitable for portfolio management. TenantCloud allows you to handle your company’s accounting. Furthermore, the digital gadget aids in maintenance by sending out automated notifications and progress reports.

TenantCloud is built on a cloud architecture as well. As a result, you may log in from anywhere in the globe and obtain property information. You can quickly accept online payments, manage your property accounts, capture new clients, and monitor your whole portfolio from its simple interface. You obtain access to a new, free-to-use website after installing this software.

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Choose Someone Else to Manage Your Portfolio

Choose Someone Else to Manage Your Portfolio

Before we finish up, it’s worth asking the question: why not let someone else handle your portfolio property management? Yes, you can get quality portfolio management services if you look in the right place!

Having a multi-property portfolio becomes overwhelming for many. This is even more, the case when the growth of your portfolio is accelerating. Hiring a long-established and experienced firm to help you is a no-brainer. They can offer you active portfolio management but also loads of advice.

Firms like this can take care of your portfolio management process. They will provide strategies you might not have thought were possible.

You might want to form a fund but don’t know all the ins and outs. Or, you could want help with liquidation. Either way, it’s crucial to get an outside perspective when going about such business. And then these types of firms might also offer a range of other services you can make use of.

Examples of services that property portfolio management firms might offer are:

  • Underwriting
  • Active asset management
  • Accounting
  • Loan surveillance
  • Asset-level analytical tools
  • Research and consulting

A solid example of a firm that can help you with your portfolio and many other things is Bellwether Asset Management. You can check out their site for more info on them: https://bellwetheram.com/.

The Best Portfolio Management Tools

The Best Portfolio Management Tools

You should now have a much better idea about the best portfolio management tools currently on the market. With many of these tools, you could change how you manage your real estate and investments.

But if you don’t have the time or patience to learn and implement these tools, you should hire someone to help. By hiring a firm to deal with your portfolio management, you’ll free up time to focus on the things you love the most.

So thanks for reading! Also, please check out our blog for further news, tips, and advice.

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