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5 Important Facilities of a VoIP Phone System

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VoIP i.e.  Voice over IP is a type of technology that converts the speaker?s voice into a digital signal. Using a VoIP phone system, the user can make direct calls anytime from anywhere by a headset and an internet-connected computer. VoIP system is very efficient and is time in the workplace. To use a VoIP system, one needs its own PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system which helps in communicating both internally and externally. This system is mostly used in a corporate office for business purposes.

How Does Pricing Vary on PBX Setup? 

  • Costing depends on the capacity and the availability of ports on the user?s PBX system. If it?s insufficient then the PBX system needs an up gradation to support the VoIP system. Upgrading the PBX generally costs between $500 and $1000 per user.
  • If the user?s PBX already has an IP port or a Computer Telephony integration (IP) then the user is free from the up-gradation charges that saves him a total sum of $500-$100.
  • For managing the PBX configurations, a dedicated technician is to be appointed. The technician has its own fees depending on the services he/she has to offer.
  • If the user wishes to add new features to the existing VoIP phone system, then it will have its own costing.
  • The user must avail a virtual phone number from a VoIP provider along with a subscription service that is chargeable on a monthly basis.
  • If the user has a hosted PBX system, then there will be some cost savings as there is no hardware installation or maintenance cost involved in setting up a VoIP phone system.

Benefits of VoIP Phone System:

Pocket Friendly:

Over the years many qualities of VoIP have been manufactured which provides the buyer a range of prices to choose from. Using a VoIP phone system, such as a VoIP Phone Number, one can make phone calls at a much cheaper rate, especially long-distance or international calls can be made at a cost that is way cheaper than normal phone calls. Thus, making calls from a VoIP phone system is more conventional.


A VoIP phone system resembles a USB memory stick which can be easily carried to any distance and plugged on to a computer having a USB port. No matter how far the user travels she/he can always make calls using their own VoIP number and a good internet connection.


Not only calls but a VoIP phone system allows its user to make video calls so that they don?t miss out on having a family time, important meetings, social gatherings or any other events even after not being physically present at that spot. A VoIP system increases the functioning of your workplace and gives it a hassle-free communication system.

Supports older technology:

A VoIP system supports faxing. At the age where email is more frequently used one can send fax using a VoIP phone system without any use of paper or toner. This is called IP faxing

Wherever the Employees? Go, Their VoIP Number Can Track Them:

If one is thinking of expanding their business or office place then the VoIP phone system creates a web by which the manager or the CEO can access and check upon and stay connected to all its employees.

Benefits of VoIP Phone System

What Does a VoIP Phone System Cost? 

Local and international calls made on a VoIP phone is relatively less expensive than calls made on by a traditional phone. The hardware involved is much less than that involved in a traditional phone, a VoIP also has facilities like call recordings, call forwarding,  and call reporting. Pricing mostly varies on the user?s PBX setup.

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