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7 Tips To Carry Out An Impactful Lead Nurturing Campaign

7 Tips To Carry Out An Impactful Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead nurturing implies activities engaging with prospective clients through each of the sales funnel stages. It is accomplished by facilitating relevant, valuable, and well-timed communication in the right place at the right time.

The ability to establish contact quickly, maintain consistent communication, promptly identify and, importantly, address the leads’ pain points has a huge impact on your brand’s credibility, customer loyalty, retention rates, and revenue.

Ahead, you’ll learn pieces of advice on how to attract more future clients through a lead nurturing campaign.

How to Create a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign?

The below tips are designed to help you piece together a successful lead-nurturing campaign:

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Tip #1. Ensure Extra Value is the King

Whatever you do when interacting with your potential clients must bring value. Avoid being too quick in pushing a client into completing a targeted action.

Do one thing at a time and act following how your prospects respond.

We are swimming in the ocean full of competition. With dozens of incoming messages and the increasing value of time raises the importance of pitching straight-to-the-points messages that answer questions and resolve problems.

For example:

After you do your research on what your most high-potential employees are interested in, share content that helps prospects with their development journey. It can be providing access to some exclusive training options they could find beneficial or other unique skill-building pieces of content.

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Tip #2. Be Meticulous with Your Sales Cycles

“What is my client’s intent?”

This is the question to ask yourself each time you intend to initiate a conversation with the prospect.

To anticipate the leads’ goals and construct intention-driven customer engagement, studying customer behavior patterns would be required. And you should identify the prospects’ intent signals as they move from one phase to another:

  • Research
  • Consideration
  • Transaction

It will help you map your prospective client’s desires, know what to offer at each phase, and understand when the timing is right for decision-making messages and offers.

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Thus, the anatomy of a well-structured (yet first) LinkedIn sales message should include:

  1. Receiver’s first name
  2. Salesperson and its company’s names
  3. Commonality and observation
  4. Offer of a resource
  5. Some question
  6. Interest
  7. CTA

Tip #3. Use an Automation Tool

According to a Market2Lead study, nurtured leads have an average of 25% shorter sales cycle. Nurturing automation helps your find more high-quality prospects by constructing complex interaction scenarios with potential customers.

Let’s break it down with an example:

A host of professionals seeks common ground with prospects on LinkedIn today. Commonly, it is a routine and time-consuming activity to search, study, outreach, and establish communication with potential customers by hand. Such nurturing automation tools as Linked Helper 2.0 go beyond traditional lead generation and allow the simulation of authentic-like behavior and communication experiences on this social network.

One effective lead generation tactic that businesses can use on their websites or social media platforms is a lead generation quiz, which can help attract potential customers and gather valuable information about their needs and preferences.

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You can delegate the process to this software (installed on your PC), which will invite second and third-degree contacts through a chain of activities and personalized messages following the conditions you choose. It can be keywords or interests, for instance.

Tip #5. Run Personalized Sales Demos

Service or product demonstrations are not new but are found to be one of the most effective means to connect with potential clients.

While many searches for new fancy means of lead nurturing and targeting tactics, calls and tailored demos remain time-proven yet highly effective in closing deals.

Direct communication with prospects still bears the palm.

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Let’s break it down with another example:

Say, you are selling a SAAS product to a mid-level company. What pain points does it have and how has the competition managed (or not) to overcome them? Find as many relevant statistics as possible, and use personalized images and graphics to align the potential benefits with that very brand.

Tip #6. Think Brand Loyalty and Awareness, not Sales

As counterintuitive as it may sound, refocusing from selling to meeting the client’s needs helps make your message less aggressive and pushy.

It is so no wonder that for the majority of brands — it is the number one priority to ensure that conversion rates experience a boost and more quality leads keep coming.

Conversely, businesses should focus on generating expert educational content that showcases the level of their proficiency and stirs the interest of their customer base.

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Thus, consider tracking and measuring success based on engagement and brand awareness rather than the number of sales.

Will your client remember the company name after clicking the CTA button? Consider how you can make call-to-action softer and your brand more memorable and loyal.

How can you achieve that?

Share. It can be insightful content, podcasts, classes, or videos, i.e., resources that bring value and become viral.

Tip #7. Join Targeted Online Communities

Being an active part of an online community is another effective means of lead nurturing.

Besides getting a chance to connect with potential customers, you get to gain much more valuable knowledge — insights on what pain points your clients might have and hop in with a message when the moment is the most favorable.

Moreover, being helpful members of such communities helps you find common ground with your target audience and become a front-runner when your service or product is the most required.

Generating new leads concept illustration

For example:

If you’re looking for Magento Developers, join the corresponding communities. You’ll find the most active and qualified users there, as well as learn the pain points such job candidates might have.

Wrap Up

The insights that we share on lead nurturing will let you shore up more scoring when determining and managing your quality leads. These tips will help you automate a variety of your daily activities and save time while attracting more sales-ready leads at lower costs.

As it does not require much effort to take your lead nurturing to the extreme, which advice will you implement first?


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