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How To Make The Most Of The Hubspot Xero Integration

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Thanks to the HubSpot Xero integration, you can seamlessly sync your contact data and invoices between HubSpot and Xero. You’ll be able to create sales quotes in one platform and automatically have them populated in another without having to manually enter the same information over again.

This article will detail how the integration works, how to set it up for yourself, and why it’s so powerful for businesses of all sizes.

How To Add The HubSpot Xero Integration

To get started, log in to your account and go to the Integrations section of your profile.

From there, simply click on the Xero link and you will be presented with a form where you can provide all of your Xero credentials. Once that’s done, click ‘Add Integration.’

With this new integration between Xero & HubSpot in place, HubSpot users will now have access to more than 30 data points (including contacts, companies, opportunities, and activities) right inside their marketing software!

This can make it easier than ever before for marketers to stay on top of sales lead generation campaigns as well as easily update sales teams on any new leads they may have generated within their campaigns.

How To Use The HubSpot Xero Integration


To use the HubSpot Xero integration, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Integrations page of your HubSpot account and click Connect in Xero’s listing. This will take you to a connector sign-up page within Xero.
  • Complete the form and click Save when done, then return to your HubSpot account and verify that the integration has been added successfully and is enabled for use.

Why Should I Use The HubSpot Xero Integration?

You?re already using HubSpot and Xero, so why should you make the switch?

A few reasons:

  • Your data is accurate. The integration automatically syncs your contacts, leads, and forms to HubSpot ? so if someone fills out a form on your website or joins a newsletter list in HubSpot, that data will be instantly transferred over to Xero. You can also manually update entries by adding new contacts in one place and updating them across both platforms at once.
  • You get visibility into what’s happening with your data. With this integration enabled, you’ll have instant access to all of your contact information in one central database without having to enter them manually twice (once into each platform). This means no more double-entry errors! And with notifications sent directly from HubSpot into Slack when someone interacts with any element linked between the two programs (like an email campaign), it’s easier than ever before for everyone on the team working together toward greater customer engagement goals within their organization

How To Use The HubSpot Xero Integration

Use The HubSpot Xero Integration

1. Sync contacts from HubSpot to Xero.

  • Go to your HubSpot account and click on Integrations.
  • Click on ?Connect a new integration? and choose Xero from the list of applications that appear.
  • Enter your Xero login details in the pop-up window, then click Connect.
  • Once you are connected, click on Setup under the Xero Integration heading on your Integrations page or go directly through Settings > Integrations & Add-ons > Select an Integration: HubSpot in your main HubSpot account dashboard and select Xero as an integration option in order for it to be available for use within any of your campaigns or templates using our visual editor tool (if you’re not sure where this is, check out our guide).

2. Create invoices in Xero from HubSpot sales quotes.

With the HubSpot-Xero integration, you can now create invoices directly from sales quotes in HubSpot.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Create a sales quote in HubSpot.
  • Click on “Create Invoice” and select Xero as the bank account to invoice against.

3. Sync payment information from Xero to HubSpot for a single source of truth about your customer’s payments.

The HubSpot Xero integration helps you capture payment information from your customers and import it into HubSpot, so you can view all the data in one place. This gives you a single source of truth for customer payment information and makes it easy to create invoices in Xero based on sales quotes imported into HubSpot. If you’ve already got an existing integration, this article will show how to set up payments between Xero and HubSpot; if not, read about how to get started with the integration.

4. Store attachments sent from Xero invoice records as connected documents in HubSpot CRM.

  • Attachments received from Xero invoice records are stored as connected documents in HubSpot CRM.
  • To view the attachment, select the link to open it in a new browser window (this will only work when using Chrome).
  • To download an attachment, right-click on its name and select ?Save As…?
  • You can also delete or edit an existing attachment: just hover over the document title until you see an option to “Edit” or “Delete” appear on the screen; then click it!


If you want to get the most out of your HubSpot Xero integration, then you should definitely consider using all of these features. By doing so, you?ll be able to keep better track of your customers, easily share information between your two platforms, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. The best part? It?s easy-peasy!

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