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How To Use Minea For Influencer Marketing?

Marketing Tips 4 Mins Read April 28, 2023 Posted by Arnab

Among the various adspy tools available on the market, Minea stands out. Using Minea, users can spy on social media ads to find products that match their needs.

Your competitors’ products are spyable with this tool, and you can learn useful details about them. As a result of the data you gather, you can choose which products you want to sell and which ones you don’t like to sell.

Other than this, Minea offers several other amazing features, and one such feature is influencer marketing. In this article, you will learn about influencer marketing features and how to use them.

Influencer Marketing In Minea

One of Minea’s top features is influence marketing. As part of this feature, you can view influencers’ advertising platforms. The database contains hundreds of thousands of keywords, making it easy to find social media product placements.

Using Facebook ads to advertise products can lead to discovering great products that don’t appear elsewhere. Further, users can learn more about popular brands with the feature.

In addition, influencers across a variety of markets are accessible through this feature. According to the company’s statement, the Minea database contains thousands of influencers.

The number will likely increase dramatically in the coming weeks, Minea predicts. This feature allows you to customize your advertising based on your individual preferences.

Before starting a dropshipping project, ensure you have all the necessary information. An extensive Minea database, on the other hand, facilitates extensive research that will help you gather large amounts of information.

As a result, you will be able to identify the most popular trends. Additionally, Minea’s filters allow you to narrow down the results. Compared to other Adspy tools, Minea lets you conduct more sophisticated searches.

How To Use Minea For Influencer Marketing?

Use Minea For Influencer Marketing

In Minea, users can filter results for influencer marketing based on various filters. The filters will provide better results that are more concise. The influencer marketing section may contain the following filters.

1. Categories & Languages

The Categories tab lets you specify in which category you want your products to appear, according to your preferences. Conduct research to determine how influencers affect specific product categories.

Additionally, based on your product category, it will be possible to see whether influencers will collaborate with your product at any given time. As a result, information about product success is available on the Categories tab.

The Languages tab, however, lists influencers based on their native languages. Select the English option on the filters to view only English influencers. On the other tabs, you can choose more than one option.

2. Classifying Influencers

It is also possible to sort influencers according to what you prefer. Would you like to see any influencer placements in the last week or month? You only need to take one step to improve search results based on the campaign age.

An influencer’s followers are also useful for sorting influencers. Through this filter, the most critical influencers appear first. Choosing influencers with a lesser following is better if you want to influence their audience.

However, remember that a good product and a good reputation are certainly important factors that influence the sale of your product. It is best to start with a smaller investment and observe how the results change.

3. Demographics & Age

Choosing the gender of your target audience is possible using the demographics and age filter. Would you prefer to monitor influencers that target only females or only males?

If you are interested in any options, check the boxes next to them. If your audience is entirely female, for instance, you should not check the Male box. It is also possible to see the audience age of an influencer in the Audience Age tab.

The rows and filters you select will depend on who you are trying to target or whose influencers you are trying to reach. Getting the best results does not require selecting all filters, only those relevant to your product.

4. Country or Followers

Firstly, you might narrow your search by the country where you want to find influencers. The filter allows you to search for influencers in various countries.

Moreover, you can also look at the number of followers to gauge an influencer’s success, which appears in numbers.

As per your needs, it would be best to search for influencers below 100k followers. The best influencers for collaboration are those with a limited audience.

In most cases, people with many followers and a wide range of placements are unlikely to endorse your product. Instead, choose influencers with small audiences and maximize your success by placing fewer placements.


Choosing the right dropshipping product is critical for your business‘ success. As far as finding winning products goes, finding them is time-consuming.

Drop shippers often have difficulty finding the right products. Minea is an exceptional spy tool that makes finding products simpler.

It is possible to monitor products that have performed well and those that have just emerged in a short time through Minea. Besides finding the right product, Minea can help identify your brand’s best influencer.

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