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How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium If You Have A Driving Conviction

How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium If You Have A Driving Conviction

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Driving convictions can be anything from a few points for speeding to more serious offenses such as drunk driving or dangerous driving. Whatever your driving conviction, it is likely that it will have an adverse effect on your car insurance. However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your policy. Here is a guide to help you lower your car insurance premium if you have a driving conviction.

Shop Around

Shop Around

The risk of insuring a convicted driver is viewed differently depending on the insurer. This means it is worth shopping around to see who will offer you the best car insurance with points or convictions as the premiums can vary dramatically.

Increase Your Excess

Your policy excess is the amount of money you would have to pay before your insurance company will pay out. The bigger your excess, the cheaper your insurance will be, therefore, if you want to reduce your insurance premium, you could consider increasing your excess. You will only pay this if you need to make a claim and it could save you money to agree to a higher excess in exchange for lower premiums.

Don’t Compound The Problem

If you have a driving conviction it is important that you don’t repeat your mistake and therefore compound your problem. For example, if you have three speeding points on your license, many insurance companies will offer you their standard rates.  However, if you carry on speeding then you could have six points or more on your license when it is time to renew your policy. You will be considered a higher risk by insurance companies, and they will increase the premium they offer you accordingly.

Consider Black Box Insurance

This is often associated with new drivers as it is a common way for inexperienced drivers to lower their policy premiums. However, it can be used by all drivers, even if they have been driving for decades.  The black box calculates your insurance cost depending on how and when you drive your car. If you drive carefully, it can reduce your premium.

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Drive A Less-Powerful Car

Drive A Less-Powerful Car

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If you drive a cheaper, less powerful car, then your insurance premiums can be significantly reduced. Insurance companies look at the value of the car, the performance, and the engine size to assess the risk and offer premiums accordingly. If you are thinking about changing your car, then these things are worth considering. You can always treat yourself to an upgrade once your conviction is spent.

Take An Advanced Driving Course

An advanced driving course can make you a lower risk to insurance companies because it should make you a better driver and therefore less likely to make a claim. Insurance companies may lower your premium accordingly even if you have a driving conviction.

Don’t despair if you have a driving conviction and you need to renew your car insurance policy. There are ways to reduce your premium if you know how. Use this guide to get the best insurance rates available.

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