Do You Want To Know How To Close A Sale Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide On Closing A Sales Deal

Do You Want To Know How To Close A Sale? Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide On Closing A Sales Deal

Sales 5 Mins Read November 27, 2023 Posted by upasana sarbajna

How to close a sale? Well, this is a tricky question.

Closing the make-or-break moment when it comes to sales. When you are making use of the correct phrases, techniques, and tips, you will make sure that you are putting in the efforts that could nurture the amount for sealing those deals.

However, 40% of the people in sales feel apprehensive while closing a sales deal. Success in closing a sale would not be so thrilling with the extreme emotional stakes, such as rejection or failure.

To help you enjoy this thrill of repeatedly closing sales deals, we will be covering how to close a sales deal and the techniques that will get you to the best of the winning rates as a professional.

So, let us get started!

How To Close A Sale 

When it comes to closing a deal, even the smallest of the deals can make big differences. These are some of the most helpful pieces of advice that you may want to use to close a sales deal.

Identity The Needs Of The Customer

This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. You need to be completely sure of the customer needs that your product or service is to cater to. Customers who are not fit for what you are offering would not want to hear from you. Therefore, if you still pursue them, you would be wasting your time and efforts.

Once the customer pain points or needs are properly defined, you may find certain prospects or businesses with similar needs. These potential customers will be interested to hear from you.

Find A Decision Maker Before Close A Sale 

Closing a sale begins a lot before the customer finally signs the deal. The first order of the business is the lead qualification.

Qualifying leads make sure that you are speaking with the decision makers who have a major role in purchasing your products or services. To do this effectively, you would have to develop an ICP or ideal customer profile.

While building your ideal customer profile, you need to include information like:

Industry: Identify the industries where your product will have the best purpose.

Company Size: Specify the count of employees that a company should have.

Location: State where your audience is located.

Revenue: Define a range of revenue that makes the company a perfect fit for your solution.

Job Title: List some of the common job titles of an ideal customer.

These are the qualification criteria that will help you narrow down your hunt for leads.

Initiate A Conversation

Once you are done identifying your leads before closing a sale, you may use tools like Snov and Hunter to search and verify email addresses. This would let you send emails that may not land in the spam folder of your lead.

After the verification of the email addresses, tweak, compose, and send a brief cold email with an immediate call-to-action that does not sell your product.

Explain The Benefits Of Your Product

Having the prospects on a call or getting them to respond to your emails is just half of the battle that you are fighting. The second half would be showing what impact your product has on the business operations of your prospect.

Do not make the mistake of selling the prospects on features. Show them what benefits your product serves. While doing so, they will witness all the tangible products and the problems it solves.

Develop A Sense Of Urgency

If you want to close a sale successfully, this is a very strategic thing that you may want to do. Try and establish a fair sense of urgency. This would prevent the deals from falling apart or stalling. Urgency gives a reason to the prospects to get ahead with the deal.

You may create urgency by giving them a time-limited discount, free onboarding, or literally anything that makes them want to purchase your product without wasting any time.

When you use this sales tip, make sure you are offering something that the prospect actually needs. A thin line exists between creating urgency and putting pressure on the prospects. If you end up crossing the line, there is a high chance that you will lose the deal overall.

Anticipate And Prepare To Address The Objections 

Objections are a good thing. When you get objections, it would show that your prospects are willing to move forward, but something is bothering them. Addressing these objects will take you a step further in closing the deal.

Some of the common objections you will have to go through being a salesperson include:

  • We do not have time.
  • We do not have the money.
  • The product is expensive.
  • We do not need this product at the moment.
  • I need to have a talk with my partner or any other decision-maker.

Responding to these objections is important for closing a sales deal. Doing this would set you up for success as you will confidently respond to your prospects’ concerns.

What To Do After Close A Sale?

Now that you have closed the sale, it is time to celebrate! But do not forget to tie up any of the loose ends before you treat your team. Here are some of the expert tips on what to do after closing the sale:

Log The Deal Within Your Sales Software 

Trust us on this one; your sales leaders will thank you for doing this. Logging the deal will allow you to keep your team on target for forecasting and help keep the pipeline updated.

Give An Introduction To The Next Team 

Closing the deal is just the first step in your customer journey with your business. From here, they would have to speak with customer support to get on board.

Set up an introduction session for the next person who is taking over the deal. This would enable a smooth transition towards the next step in the process.

Follow Up With The Customer In A Couple Of Days After Close A Sale

Closing the deal is not enough. You need to contact the customer a couple of days after you have closed the deal to get their feedback on the deal and the purchase. This would ensure trust and customer loyalty in the future. If there is any issue, you can easily step in or find anyone on the team who may be of help.

The Bottom Line 

Being skilled in how to close a sale is one of the most necessary techniques that anyone in sales can master. While the goal here is to sell and reach your target, it is also important that you remember that we are all humans, after all. Humans respond to how other humans treat them.

So, it is important that you remain friendly while closing a deal with your client. Try to be as empathetic as you can. If at all, try to hire a mentor who may help you learn and practice these techniques so that they may help you implement them in your closing techniques.

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