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How To Become A Seller On Flipkart?

How To Become A Seller On Flipkart?

How to become a seller on Flipkart

Inventive models of business like the same-day delivery card on delivery or cash on delivery at low prices have increased volumes of online shopping. The leading Indian e-commerce store is Flipkart because it sells goods worth billions of dollars each year.

This has made small businesses think, how to become a seller on Flipkart?

Currently, it ships over five million shipments monthly with an average of eighty lakh visits to the page each day. Therefore, there is a business opportunity for individuals that wish to sell on Flipkart as the seller.

The guide below shows how you can start selling on your portal and become a Flipkart associate.

How To Become A Seller On Flipkart

To sell on this platform, a person or business needs to be a Flipkart seller by registering with Flipkart. This procedure is easy and becomes initiated from the homepage of the seller on the website of Flipkart.

A person or business can sign up as a seller on this site by specifying the data about his products and business which she/he proposes to sell through Flipkart. Some details that need to be given and confirmed during registration as a seller include;

  • Pickup address and business address
  • The email address of sellers
  • Phone number
  • Name of seller
  • Business documents like the memorandum of association, certificate of incorporation, and much more
  • Tax registration docs like GST registration
  • Products classification the seller wants to sell via Flipkart
  • There are also other crucial docs the need to get submitted depending on the business type you are registering.

Sole Proprietorship

If anyone wants to sell via Flipkart on the legal name and standing, such businesses would automatically be viewed like sole proprietorships.

Nevertheless, sole-proprietorship forms of business do not protect limited liability to the promoter, do not have investors or partners, are not easily transferable, not scalable, and have restricted access to loans at the bank.

Therefore, becoming a seller on Flipkart is not advisable when you are a sole proprietor. Despite this, if you want to go with this route, you will have to provide the documents below;

Identity Proof

  • Passport of the proprietor
  • All government identity cards bearing the seller’s photo
  • Driving license/ voters ID of the proprietor

Address Proof

  • Lease or license agreement
  • Electricity bill of the proprietor
  • Bank account statements of the proprietor
  • Telephone bill of the proprietor
  • Private Limited Company

If you want to know how to start selling on Flipkart as a limited company, you will have to learn about the trade very carefully.

You need to see that it provides limited protection to you as a promoter, it is an independent legal identity, easy to transfer, and offers an opportunity to involve partners, scale up operations fast, or take on investors.

In addition to that, the documents below need to be provided for the private limited firm.

Identity Proof

  • PAN Card for the company
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Incorporation certificate or registration docs for the private limited firm

Address Proof

  • Lease or rental agreement
  • The electricity bill for the company
  • Telephone bill of the firm
  • Partnership Firm or LLP

A seller can be part and parcel of Flipkart as a proprietor. Registering as an LLP on Flipkart provides a separate legal entity, limited liability protection, easy transfer, and documents needed to be a seller on Flipkart using LLP or Partnership include;

Identity Proof

  • PAN card of the LLP or partnership firm
  • Personal identification for partners
  • Partnership deed
  • Duly authorized power of attorney to designated partners or employees in case the partnership firm or limited liability firm is transacting business operations for you
  • Documents that identify themselves as partners

Address Proof

  • Electricity bill in LLP/Partner’s name
  • LLP’s/partner’s telephone bill
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Official documents that ratify the partner’s address
  • Tax-related registration

Immediately you decide to learn how to become a seller on Flipkart and have registered the business entity for the projected business, the mentioned bank details and tax registration details would be necessary.

  • Tax collection and deduction account number – this document is needed at the source
  • Services and goods tax identification number – this document of the seller is good if the goods being sold on Flipkart under GST purview
  • PAN Card for the individual or private limited company or partnership
  • Name of the entity/business
  • Bank IFC code for the bank account
  • The account number for the corporation or entity
  • Bank account for the entity or business

Begin Selling On Flipkart

After providing the information above, documents, and registration, the business can begin selling goods on the portal of Flipkart.

Furthermore, on the completion of procedures of the company related to seller registration of Flipkart, the business can set up the storefront and list products to sell on this platform.

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After registering on Flipkart, you will have to adhere to tax laws that apply to sectors of e-commerce. Furthermore, the crucial part of compliance includes filing your returns on GST on time. ClearTax GST helps you to file returns in a hassle-free and seamless manner.

The cloud-based software integrates with ease with existing accounts software packages, which makes the GST return experience filing easy. You can read more on filing returns to know more about how to become a seller on Flipkart.


Flipkart will always collect a commission as fees for promoting the products which can be sold and there is no fee for listing products that are added to the site.

When you sell the product, Flipkart will deduct a commission percentage for the closing fee, item price, and charges of shipping. The rate of the commission varies across different categories for two to twenty-five percent.

The Closing Fee Will Be Calculated In The Following Manner

The seller revenues per sale = shipping charges + item price – selling commission – closing fee – service tax – shipping cost


Methods of how to become a seller on Flipkart to sell products online have now become very easy and are easier to access online. Hence, you need to ensure that you are not indulging in unfair pricing and to become registered.

You need to get the required documents by Flipkart. It is time to gear up, get yourself registered, and start selling.

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