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Top 5 Tips On How To Be A Safer Commercial Driver

Top 5 Tips On How To Be A Safer Commercial Driver

Commercial Driver

Commercial drivers need to be exceptionally skilled to manage their vehicles under all road conditions, including heavy traffic, inclement weather, and when faced with dangerous driving practices by others on the road. Safety is the number one priority for every truck or van driver.

One accident can ruin a career and many lives. Below we provide the reader with tips on how to be a safer commercial driver.

Top 5 Tips On How To Be A Safer Commercial Driver

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1. Stay Alert

There is no room for neglecting this principle at any time. Accidents happen quickly and unexpectedly and are more likely if the drivers involved have lost concentration or taken chances without adhering to safety rules.

Commercial drivers need to be aware of everything taking place on the road, up ahead, to the sides, and behind. Specific attention must be paid to blind spots. Plan your moves. Check again and signal correctly before leaving your lane or taking an exit or onramp. Don’t take chances, ever.

2. Be Aware of Changing Weather Conditions

Stay tuned to updates on changing weather conditions. Monitor the weather for yourself as you drive. Use an outside temperature gauge. Adjust your driving to road conditions.

3. Be Wary of Delivery Drop-Off Areas

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Low-lying objects are invisible from inside your truck. So, select a safe parking spot and get out to check the zone on foot. Make sure you will have enough room to both enter and exit without damaging your vehicle. Take note of pedestrians in the vicinity who are probably unaware of your range of visibility. This will help you keep a clean driving record.

4. Leave a Safe Space in Front of Your Vehicle

Leave a safe space in front of your vehicle. This is common sense but often ignored. Commercial drivers can become frustrated when cars whizz past at higher speeds, overtake recklessly, and discount trucks on the road. If you hit a vehicle in front of you, you will be held responsible so always keep a good buffer area between the front of your truck and other vehicles to give you that extra second to respond to changing conditions appropriately and safely.

Slow down if someone pushes in front of you. Remember that you have a job to do and you are not there to compete with other drivers. Read Fleet Driver Safety News for more information on buffer zones.

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5. Only Change Lanes When Strictly Necessary

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Determine the best lane to be in and stay there. If it is necessary to change lanes, first check your blind spots and signal your intention. Wait until it is safe to execute your maneuver. Every lane change by any vehicle could be a potential accident so be aware of what other drivers around you are doing as well. Beware of places where lanes merge. Many cars see this as a race to be the first one through the gap. If there is a lane to the right of the merging lane, stick to it.

Be a responsible driver at all times and avoid costly and heart-breaking accidents.


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