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How Surveys Benefit Your Small Business

How Surveys Benefit Your Small Business

‘You have the worst customer service ever!’ or ‘I’ll definitely recommend this product to my family and friends!’ are statements you may have heard or expressed yourself.

Are you ready to know what people think about your products, services, programs, and everything that has something to do with your business? Honest feedback can make or break a business. And this is what surveys can do depending on how you accept, utilize, and analyze the results.

Aside from the technicalities of creating, conducting, and analyzing surveys, one of the biggest challenges small businesses are accepting the truth. So, how can surveys benefit your small business? Read on below to find out more.

What Are Surveys For Businesses?

Surveys, whether in face-to-face interviews or questionnaire forms, aim to gather honest responses, opinions, and feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

The primary goal of surveys in small businesses is to utilize the results to help improve business operations, specifically in production, onboarding, people management, budget allocation, product development, and more.

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Surveys

Reality can be harsh, but your small business can greatly benefit from honest surveys. Here’s how:

Build A Solid Workforce Through Employee Surveys

Aside from your customers, the heart of your small business includes your loyal employees. You want to retain highly talented and dependable employees rather than see them come and go quickly. That way, you can build a solid employee base to help grow your small business.

Employee engagement surveys can help your small business obtain and enhance significant employee input for well-informed decision-making. Your employees can express their concerns, suggestions, and opinions, helping improve communication, build trust, and enhance employee engagement.

By asking your employees to answer an employee satisfaction form, you can identify factors that contribute to a positive or negative employee experience. You can create action plans to improve the employee experience, enhancing employee productivity, retention, loyalty, and overall business success.

Improve Products And Services With Market Research Survey 

Are you interested to know your market? You can conduct a market research survey to know your market, evaluating your brand competitiveness and how well people know about your products and services.

Market research is an ongoing process that continues as long as your small business is running. It usually involves developing buyer personas, focus group interviews, brand awareness research, competitor analysis, and customer satisfaction research.

Small businesses usually launch new products and services in the market. This survey strategy can help you generate valuable data insights about consumer demographics, preferences, and demand for your new products and services.

For instance, if you have a new product line such as mineral-based eye shadow makeup and matte lipstick, a market research survey can help you gauge consumer response. You can set up a makeup testing area inside or outside your beauty shop and interview customers who tried your products.

Enhance Prospecting With Lead Generation Survey

Small businesses need effective prospecting strategies to maintain steady cash flow and decent traffic. Prospecting refers to lead-generation efforts, enabling you to determine who and where your target customers are and drive them to your business at the right time.

A lead generation survey can help you gather your target audience’s contact details, purchasing preferences, and other relevant data. This survey strategy can help you generate a list of prospects or people interested in your products and services.

Including a signup page, email subscription, or contact form on your website is a great way to start your lead generation survey. Other forms of lead generation surveys for small businesses include face-to-face interviews, asking questions about people’s preferences and needs to help qualify leads.

You could also incentivize physical store visitors to fill out a contact form by offering a product sample or discount voucher. That way, you can follow up with your prospects using their contact details. Moreover, you can also ask your existing customers to fill out a referral form to grow your prospect list.

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Build Loyal Customers With Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

Customer loyalty is the result of customer satisfaction. Your small business will suffer if your customers aren’t satisfied and happy with your product or service. Get to know your customers through data and find out if they’re happy or not by conducting a customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction surveys usually include star ratings, measuring a product’s ease of use, features, quality, and price. You can initiate a customer satisfaction survey by asking your customers to rate your product or service from 1 to 5, with ‘1’ as the lowest and ‘5’ as the highest, based on your desired parameters.

For example, you might ask customers to rate your flower shop in terms of flower selection, arrangement quality, delivery time, and pricing. If you have a dental clinic, you can ask your patients to rate your dental services using the telehealth or dental mobile app survey form.

Grow Your Small Business With Brand Awareness Survey 

When many people are aware that your small business exists, you can expect more leads and sales. But you’ll lose great business opportunities if your brand doesn’t ring a bell. So, if you want to grow your small business, take regular brand awareness surveys.

One of the key metrics when creating brand awareness surveys includes brand loyalty or how likely your customers will return to make their next purchase. Brand identity is also an essential metric, measuring how well your target audience can recognize your business logo and branding elements. Moreover, brand recall demonstrates how well people can remember your small business.

Collaborate with your team to create a brand awareness survey and distribute it to your email contact list. The response rate can provide an indication of your brand’s familiarity among your target audience. The same holds with a phone call interview. Furthermore, you can incorporate gamification strategies into your brand awareness surveys and post them on social media to create buzz.


Surveys can benefit your small business in more ways than you might imagine. To improve and grow your business, consider creating well-designed and data-driven surveys. Ensure your surveys are concise and focused on your specific goals. Doing so can either greatly enhance your business potential or, if not managed correctly, could potentially undermine your marketing and sales momentum.

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