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How Can You Avoid A DUI Charge

How Can You Avoid A DUI Charge

Dui Charge

In the year 2018, around 10,511 people lost their lives driving on the highway due to driving under the influence. According to a prediction, the death toll in the year 2022 will remain somewhat around 10360.

This denotes that DUI offenses cannot be regulated despite all the awareness, tightening laws, and bringing in new technology. Now, this one is a real issue as far as the changes are concerned.

We know that the figures will immerse you, too, in a sea of grave concerns. This is the reason we intend to write the article. Needless to say that DUI can have extreme adverse affects on your records. A 2nd dui in maryland could mean at least 2 years of imporonment. The very article discusses the ways through which you can avoid DUI charges.

What Really Conflagrates The Increasing Cases Of DUI Accidents?

You all know that COVID-19 literally puts business activities to a full stop. As a result, life turned into a stagnated pool as people were forced to work from their respective homes.

Under such a life, with regulated movement, people depended heavily on booze to find means of enjoyment. In addition, getting on wheels during the seasons increased road accidents. The increase in DUI charges was also attributed to the following:

Drinking and driving concept car key on a wooden table pub

  • Family gatherings.
  • Work parties.
  • Increased stress.
  • Long weekends.
  • Increased police patrols.

Tips To Avoid DUI Charges

If there are problems, there are solutions for the same. For example, it might be that you are hurled with a DUI charge. Now, in this circumstance, you badly need ways to get yourself out of the charges. So what will you do here?

The first thing that we like to recommend to you is consulting a bona fide New Jersey DWI Attorney. They are capable and experienced enough to provide you with the required help to fight court cases.

Apart from this, there are some other protective measures you could take. So, let’s discuss the ways through which you could avoid DUI charges.

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1. Stay Overnight

If you took part in some party or family gathering, somewhere in your friend’s house, there are high chances that you can not but lose all your patience there. This is because you are sure to drink and cross your limits.

Now with high intoxication, do not choose to drive your car. Instead, consider staying in a hotel or at some of your friends’ houses. We know that you are to attend your work the next morning, but it’s better to stay overnight.

If you consult DUI charges with some well-read New Jersey DWI Attorney, they will be providing you with the same advice.

2. Download A Nightshade App

If not, we strictly recommend you download both of them. They are extremely handy and offer 24*7 services for passengers.

Then, when the party’s over, book one of them and keep your car in the parking lot of the place and go by car. This is indeed a great idea to reach home safely without putting your life and honor (DUI charge) at risk.

3. Avoid Drinking

This is the basic among all other ways to avoid DUI charges. It requires no expertise to advise you not to drink. It might appear to be ridiculous to some extent, but this one is golden advice. The best way to avoid DUI charges on the highway is to stay away from drinking.

While captured by the traffic officer, they will make you conduct a test on the presence of alcohol in your blood. This is called the BAC test. If the percentile content passes more than 0.08%, you will be charged with a DUI crime.

You can know more about this if you consult a quality New Jersey DWI Attorney. They can provide you with insights on DUI.

4. Eat Something After You Drink

This one is a great trick if you are heavily drunk. Remember, don’t drink excessively on an empty stomach.

If you drink alcohol excessively on an empty stomach, the alcohol quickly gets absorbed, and as a reason, your blood alcohol content increases rapidly.

Therefore, try to drink alcohol on a filled stomach; you won’t look that much intoxicated. However, you find it extremely difficult to move safely through the highways with much intoxication.

5. Don’t Mix Alcohol With Medication

If you are under the observation of some physician and taking some medicinal drugs, be careful with this.

This results in alcohol mixing directly with the drug, thus preparing a dangerous recipe for you. In addition, this harms you from the inside and increases the BAC level.

Therefore, try to abstain from any kind of alcohol if you are consuming some drugs as a means of treatment.

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6. Keep Information About The DUI Checkpoints

If you follow a definite highway on your way to the office, you will notice that there are checkpoints patrolled by the traffic police. This is because regular checking of DUI charges happens in such places.

But there are other highways about which you do not really know exactly the DUI checkpoints. In such a case, you need to keep yourself aware by getting the data on your mobile phone regarding checkpoints so that you can safely drive through those areas and smartly avoid DUI charges.

7. Stay Focussed

Precaution is always better than late action. However, there is nothing better than focus and concentration. You can have a much better hold on your driving if you stay focussed on your work.

Remember, staying focused not only makes you avoid any kind of mishap on the highway but also helps you from being caught under intoxication. This is really important from the point of view of life safety.

If you are under some influence, you definitely have less time for a response during an emergency. So keep this observation in your mind.

8. Keep The Information On Easy To Access Places

Always try to keep your essentials like a driving license, registration of your vehicle, and insurance in some easily accessible places.

Suppose you are asked for your license; if you react late to show it, the matter might slip into the field sobriety and breath test.

Therefore, do not let the development happen and try to get away from the checkpoints as early as possible to avoid DUI charges.

In addition, if you are going to a different place, ensure you get a temporary license. For instance, if you are going to Missouri, apply for a Hardship License in Missouri and keep all your papers up to date.

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Closing The Discussion

DUI charges are really dangerous for you and cause unnecessary inconvenience to you. Therefore the best thing to do is to avoid any DUI charges. Follow strictly the points discussed above to get rid of DUI charges.


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