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Social Media Marketing Tips For The Small Home Services Business In 2024

Social Media Marketing Tips For The Small Home Services Business In 2024

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Small Home Services Business in 2024

While word of mouth is still an effective marketing tool for your home services business, it can take a while for your reputation to build in your community and beyond. That translates into not making a fair profit for potentially years. It’s also an old-school marketing strategy that depends largely on luck and time, no matter how good your services are. 

But in 2024, there are far more effective ways to market your business that can lead to nice profits in a far shorter time than you might have expected. Says the pros at Exults, digital marketing for home service professionals, no matter the size of your home services or home improvement business, you are, no doubt, attempting to increase your professional branding and your digital footprint. A reputable home services marketing team can tackle all your marketing needs and add additional volume to your unique marketing voice. 

With this in mind, how can you succeed at marketing your home service business in 2024? According to a new report by Porch, becoming a home services pro is not an easy task. It doesn’t matter if you’re an interior designer, a plumber, an electrician, or a general contractor, it’s imperative that you not only earn new customers but that you retain the ones you’ve already got. 

In the past, businesses relied on word-of-mouth, but in the 2020s, effective marketing was largely powered by the Internet. It’s because of this that businesses have increased their digital and online presence in numerous ways. Social media platforms have become necessary tools of the trade since they can be an effective way to spread the word quickly. 

According to recent studies, the average American spends almost two- and one-half hours on social media per day. It only makes sense that social media platforms offer an optimum opportunity for home pros to promote their services and lure potential clients. 

That said, here are some social marketing tips for home services businesses in 2024 and beyond.

Define Your Business Objectives

Before establishing your social media objectives and goals, you need to know exactly what you wish to achieve. For example, are you looking to generate leads, drive sales, or boost your brand awareness? Maybe you’re looking to do all of the above. As soon as you clearly define your objectives, you can then establish a series of realistic goals that will perfectly align with them.

Take a Realistic Look at Your Current Social Media Presence

Take a good, hard look at your social media accounts and analyze your performance to the best of your ability. If possible, identify which platforms are generating the most interesting and promising engagement. Also, take a look at which kind of content resonates with your target audience and what needs to be improved upon. 

Using a particular social media platform’s built-in analytics is one good way to accomplish this since it provides pertinent information at the source. Or you can call in the services of a social media marketing expert to provide you with a detailed report.

Understand Your Audience

Says Porch, it’s very important that you understand your target audience and how they behave on social media. Since you’re running a home services business, you’ll want to consider their gender, age, interests, and which social media platforms are their favorites. 

Boomers and some Gen Xers, for instance, prefer Facebook, while younger generations prefer Instagram and TikTok. By studying this information more closely, you can tailor your social media content and your overall goals to engage with them more effectively.

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Establish Precise Social Media Goals 

Social media goals need to be precise, measurable, and “time-bound.” For instance, rather than telling yourself you wish to increase engagement in general, set a specific goal to increase your Instagram following by 20 percent over a period of the next six months. Be sure to benchmark your current following so that once the six-month period rolls around, you can achieve a very good estimate of your progress to date.

Build a Content Strategy

As soon as your social media goals are firmly established, you can build a content strategy that aligns with them as closely as possible. By doing this, you will produce content that always resonates with your audience. It will also support your home services business goals and help you avoid spending precious time on content that isn’t going to move the needle.

When it comes to spreading the word about your home services business, social media has been a Godsend. But it can also work against you if you don’t target the right audience and post content that is going to resonate with existing and potential clients. 

If you don’t feel you’re capable of maneuvering the choppy waters of social media marketing, or if you’re simply too busy working, it’s perhaps a better idea to hire a professional social media marketing expert. The investment might be well worth it when it comes to your bottom line.

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