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How Much Does Home Renovation Cost?

How Much Does Home Renovation Cost?

Home Renovation

If there is something we don’t like about our house, we have the option of doing a total renovation. The problem is that this can generate quite high expenses. This type of work requires the expertise of professionals and careful planning.

But don’t worry, because if what worries you most is the cost, today we will tell you in general terms what the price of a renovation could be, and what factors make the value go up or down.

How much is necessary to invest in the renovation of a house?

invest in the renovation of a house

There is no single amount to pay for the home renovation. To determine the price, an estimate must first be made.

The point is that this can vary depending on different factors. Some of the most common ones are the design, the materials, the areas to be renovated, who will be in charge of the architectural project, and how big it will be.

Here are some of the most frequent parameters:

1. The house area

For example, in a house, the kitchen and bathroom are usually the areas that generate the highest costs. These spaces require the hiring of masons, electricians, carpenters, and more professionals, depending on what needs to be done. So this can raise the value of the budget.

2. Age of the house

The age of the house is also relevant. If it is a not-so-old house that you want to make changes to, it will certainly be cheaper than it will cost to renovate an old house.

Houses that are many years old will always need to make in-depth renovations, paying attention not only to the exterior but also to the plumbing, structure, heating, and more. And all of this makes the job more expensive.

3. Project size

Most renovations will be charged per square meter. So, if your house is small, it will be cheaper than a very large house. The more work there is to do, the more expensive it will be.

4. Project difficulty

Every renovation is different because the needs of the home and the clients are different. One person may only want to replace the tiles in their bathroom, while another may want a total makeover. So, if it’s more difficult to do, the more expensive it will be.

What does a home renovation usually include?

Each renovation will have different requirements, these will be determined by the area to be renovated, or the needs of the project. But there are some things that are not usually missing, and these are:

A. Demolitions          

Most, if not all, renovations require demolition. This will allow the old to be removed to create something new. Demolitions are used on projects of all sizes, such as when you want to change the flooring, or if you need to tear down walls to make spaces larger.

In addition, these demolitions will be charged as an extra service and the more there is to demolish, the more it will cost.

B. Coatings

After demolition, the renovation will begin. Wall and floor coverings of different materials can be put on the walls and floors. Each one will have a different price, and this will raise or lower the final costs of the repair.

C. Masonry work

Few renovations will not require masons. They are needed for most jobs around the house, demolition, siding, and more. Depending on the size of the project, one, two, or even more will be needed.  

D. Furniture

Furniture is usually needed for kitchens and bathrooms. And it has to be included in the renovation to get the right end result. Among the items that are needed are drawers, tops, sinks, shower heads, mirrors, doors, and more.

E. Electricity

You will never be able to do a renovation if you do not have an electrician. He or she will be in charge of doing the electrical installations in all areas of the house. In addition, he or she will work on the lighting throughout the interior, and the exterior if necessary. In addition to the services, this also includes the materials you will need.

F. Decoration

The subject of decoration is quite broad. Sometimes a decoration service is not offered in which all the furniture is placed inside the house. What is common is that the decoration includes the painting of the walls. In this case, the cost of the paint will depend on the quality and how much you need to use.

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G. Heating and air conditioning

Whether air conditioning or heating is required in the home, it should be included in the budget. Plumbing is often needed in different parts of the home and is a job that will be done by a plumber.

Who can do the best home renovation?

 best home renovation

Not just anyone can be trusted with the renovation of your home. This is a complex job and it will only be the task of professionals. Nowadays there are a lot of specialists, but none will offer you as much quality as architects in Marbella. They are the best in renovations of all kinds.

What distinguishes them from the rest is that architects in Marbella are able to turn dreams into reality. In addition, they have fresh ideas, and for their work, they use advanced technology to materialize the projects.

The best thing is that no renovation will look like the other, so you will have a 100% customized renovation that will suit your tastes and needs. Also, they are very rigorous with the fulfillment of the guidelines, everything will be done according to plan, and the budget will be respected. So you won’t have to worry about extra costs during the process, nor at the end.

Does it cost the same to renovate as to repair a house?

No. The cost of a renovation and a repair is completely different. This has to do with the fact that they are different services.

In the case of repairs, what you are looking for is to make something that has broken down work. For example, if you can’t use your bathroom because the tiles have peeled off, they will make a repair that may cost less.

On the other hand, a renovation involves a partial or total restructuring and modification of a house. This is intended to improve the appearance of the place, to give it a different style.

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