A roller shutter is one of the integral components of a home or office because of its sturdy built. Many homes and offices that are really concerned about tight security without constant monitoring turn to the use of high-quality roller shutters. The slats of the shutters are hinged and joint to one another to make for a compact layer of protection which is comforting enough in practical ways for the owner. While intruders are shunned away, and jail breaking is practically tough, you also get quality service, low maintenance, lifetime protection, and also neat looks from the use of high-quality roller shutters.

There are several types of roller shutters, and once you start using them you would soon feel the dependency on this stable, strong, and safe form of protection that takes care of your vital entrances to the property. Besides, the modern models of shutters come in both heavy weight and light weight designs which you may select according to your needs without compromising on your personal style and security.

The below options are good enough to make nice choices, and here they are.

Built in Roller Shutters

You would see a whole box fitted over the door or window frame, which contains the entire shutter in a roll. The box is visible which covers the roll within. When you drag or pull the free dangling end of the shutter downwards, or sideways, you open it up while closing the entrance. You can open the roll fully or partially as you prefer. They only have to be installed above the entrance.

Manual Shutters

Based on the mode of operation roller shutters can be automatic and manual. Manual shutters need to be pulled to open and pushed to close. They do not use fuel, electricity or battery power. They just need greasing and oiling time to time for smooth rolling so that there is lesser use of your muscle power. In fact, with the advent of the electronic and remote-controlled shutters, the manual ones have improved much through the years, and they are now much smoother, swifter, and flexible than the traditional old models.

Integrated shutters

The integrated roller shutters are those which come attached to the frame of the door or window. The integrated shutters should be installed at the time of construction or any serious renovation of the property because then you may implement a whole new roller shutter integrated frame for this.

Automatic or Electric shutters

The automatic shutters are generally powered by electricity, and sometimes by a battery. These would open or close by the press of a button, or a remote-controlled operation. Both ways you save muscle power during the operation. But when there is no electrical power for some reason, then the shutters may get immobile, or some models may offer an alternate manual operation too.

Perforated shutters

Based on the visibility and design, there are shutter models which offers a perforated look. Opacity is fully or partially missing on the perforations which come in many shapes like polygons or circles etc, which are uniformly distributed.

Rod based shutters

There are shutters which are made from metal rods instead of slats. These offer more visibility through the rods, while some amount of natural light also comes in through the rods.

Transparent rolling shutters

Transparent shutters are best for beautification. While they offer a decent amount of protection and barrier, they do not obstruct vision, and are also good for monitoring purposes when you want to know what is going on within.


There are other varieties and types which are designed for the modern users who believe in modern architecture. The main or basic idea behind their use is protection at first level with some privacy too based on the roller shutter design.


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