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Greg Blatt Explains How Versatility Has Helped His Career

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Greg Blatt has a BA from Colgate University and a JD from Columbia Law School. Blatt served as an Associate at Grubman Indursky & Schindler PC from 1997 to 1999. Blatt is the Chairman of the Board of Pulse Staffing Limited. He is the Director of Meetic S.A. Blatt previously served as a Director of Ticketmaster Entertainment and a Director of HSN Inc.

For many people, figuring out their career path can be a difficult process. Greg Blatt is the perfect example of this. Blatt has walked several paths as he sought to figure out his true passion. Blatt says that he attended Columbia Law School because he was interested in the experience instead of being passionate about pursuing a law career. Blatt has always tried to keep an open mind throughout his career.

How Greg Blatt Made Important Career Decisions?

Important Career Decisions

At one point, Greg Blatt was interested in pursuing a career in corporate law and finance. He worked at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. When he felt his interest burning out, Blatt decided to pursue entertainment law, as he had always enjoyed writing. Blatt hoped to network and eventually establish writing as his primary career.

Blatt went through these changes early in his career. After earning his J.D., Blatt decided to take a path that was different from investment banks, firms, and hedge funds. Blatt took a pay cut to pursue his dreams. Blatt says that many people fear taking risks because they believe that they will miss out on opportunities that they will never get back.

However, Blatt felt that following his own unique path was best for him. Blatt worked closely with Martha Stewart. Stewart asked Blatt to become General Counsel for her company. Blatt enjoyed the responsibilities associated with being General Counsel.

Greg Blatt and The Start of a Successful Professional Relationship

Blatt was contacted by Wachtell Lipton, who offered him the opportunity to be General Counsel at IAC, a large company that focuses on media business and entertainment. Blatt noted that working at IAC was too good of an opportunity to decline.

After working at IAC for five years, Greg Blatt became the CEO of Blatt took over during a time when the online dating industry was starting to expand. Blatt soon became immersed in the industry. Blatt also worked for Match Group and Tinder. Blatt helped many of the companies improve their usage and achieve Worldwide success.

Blatt has made a lot of strategic decisions throughout his career. He tries to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Blatt is a role model for many people because of his ability to maximize the most out of his talents. Blatt advises everyone to follow their own path, regardless of how different it seems.

Expert Tips to Succeed in a Professional World by Greg Blatt


Blatt believes that face to face meetings are important, as they assist him in brainstorming new ideas. Blatt enjoys dialogue. Blatt likes to keep his schedule as flexible as possible so that he can devote his time to the most important matters. Blatt relies on his team to help him bring concepts to life.

Greg Blatt is excited about the future of video chatting. He believes that video chatting helps bring people together from around the World. Communicating by video is closer to modern communication than traditional methods. As video communication continues to evolve, Greg Blatt believes that technology is going to make a huge impact.

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