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GrabAGun Review: User Review, Cost, Ratings

GrabAGun Review: User Review, Cost, Ratings


Are you thinking about purchasing a firearm online? 

Obviously, yes, and that is why you are here to know about GrabAGub. 

Although it might sound a little weird that you can place an order for a firearm just the way you do for groceries, your clothes, or shoes. 

This might sound a bit weird, but as the world is moving to a digital space, and we are looking for a solution to everything without shifting an inch from the couch and being an excellent couch potato, it is required. 

This platform is there to make sure that you are doing a master in being a couch potato, and that is why it is ready with its amazing collection of firearms and accessories, and that too at a pocket-friendly rate. 

Now, I will tell you more about this and along with giving you some GrabAGun reviews. 

What Is GrabAGun?

It is a leading online gun store. This online platform lets you order a gun online, and they will make sure the product is delivered to your local FFL. On a daily basis, they add a new gun on their website for you to place an order.  

What Is GrabAGun?

GrabAGun: What They Actually Offer

GrabAGun categorizes themselves as the defenders, the sportsmen, and also the outdoorsmen. They believe that it is their American duty to help each one, whether they are first-time buyers or long-time enthusiasts. 

This online platform also ensures that all firearms and their accessories are legally secure to use by their customers. All their collections are fully packed, refreshed consistently, and loaded with affordable, high-quality firearms all the time. 

GrabAGun runs with a motto to make firearms accessible to people. They want people to use their phones, tablets, and computers to shop for firearms the same way they shop for clothing or groceries. 

Apart from focusing on their collection and customer’s shopping experience, they also work rigorously on their customer support so that not a single individual has to go through any difficulties while getting an order. 

They have curated a unique team to assist you with every step. GrabAGun understands that buying firearms is a completely personal journey. From determining the purpose to a caliber and fit, which will make you feel comfortable and also confident. 

What GrabAGun Actually Offer

Their step-by-step guide will help you in walking through the entire process of taking ownership of a firearm and accessories online. After the transaction is complete, you can expect excellent support from the designated team of GrabAGun.  

They are all set to provide you with complete customer support along with the necessary education that you need. And when they are talking about educating you, that is not only about the shopping process. 

It includes how to keep your firearms clean and in proper working order and the best safety techniques and practices. In short, they always ensure that you are becoming your one-stop destination for buying firearms and accessories. 

They also offer GrabAGun discount code that will get you attractive discounts on your purchase. And more of that, their GrabAGun giveaway is really popular among their existing customers

GrabAGun Reviews

Now that you have the information that you need to know about, GrabAGun, let’s have a look at what their customers have to say about them. 

Rated: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Reviews 1

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I know there are some questions that you still have in your mind, and that is why I am answering the most common questions that a lot of people have asked me. So, let’s check out the answers. 

Q1: Is GrabAGun A Reputable Site?

As per reports, successfully ships ten thousand of brand-new firearms and accessories on a monthly basis. While maintaining an A+ rating with BBB for more than a decade, it also has handled millions of transactions. It does have a really short percentage of bad reviews, but overall it has a success rate of 99.999%. 

Q2: How Long Does It Take GrabAGun To Ship?

As per the general rule, most of the orders usually get shipped within 3 business days, but during the time of high order volume, the process might take 5 to 7 business days to ship. 

Q3: Who Owns GrabAGun?

Metroplex Trading Company, LLC, which is an online store with nationality-focused sales, is the parent company of GrabAGun. 

Q4: Is Cash My Guns Legit?

Just like GrabAGun, CahMyGuns is another platform with the same purpose. As per them, they are 100% compliant with all the laws and regulations. The best part is that you can send them an email at their official email id, “[email protected],” to check their legitimacy as a firearms transferrer, and they will send you their FFL license of them. 

Q5: Where Is GrabAGun Located?

GrabAGun is located in Dallas, Texas. 

Final Talks

So, if you are thinking about placing an order for a firearm on GrabAGun, you always can without any hesitation and don’t forget to use their GrabAGun coupon. This site has mostly positive reviews. But before buying, I would suggest you take assistance from their educational materials and their designated customer support team.

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