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All You Need To Know About Google Subscriber Number

All You Need To Know About Google Subscriber Number

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Google lets its users make free calls from Gmail. The strange thing about this is when your friend receives your call, the call will appear to be unknown, and your friend will obviously recognize the number.

You are not going to be the one, if you face a similar situation, because people have already complained about getting unsolicited calls from Google. Google does not show the Google Subscriber phone number.

What Is The Google Subscriber Number?

How to get a working phone number? Many years ago, the companies had landline numbers. These landline numbers are not only a suitable medium for making connections. These are the proof of the authenticity of the company. But to get the landline numbers, you have to spend hours on it. 

First, the company will check all your documents and the hard copies of the documents. Then they provide the connections. The Google Subscriber Number is an easy solution for all of your headaches.

Is Google Subscriber Number The Ultimate Solutions For Bussiness Handlers?

These subscriber numbers are a free method to get the work purpose connections. The best facility is you do not need any extra sim cards to avail the connections. Therefore you will get a valid phone number for your work. You will get a proper connection number with the help of Google voice services.

Google voice is registered for individual users. These numbers are Google subscription numbers. And users of these numbers are Google subscribers.

If you are a Google subscriber and using the voice, sign up for a legit phone number. Google will send you the number and then you are free to make voice calls, voicemails, and text messages. You can easily link the number to your landline if you have any.

If you receive a voicemail, google takes the responsibility to translate it into content for you. Therefore this number sent by Google to you is considered a Google subscriber number.

In this article, we will talk about everything about Google subscriber numbers in a detailed form.

How Does Google Subscriber Number Work?

Google Subscriber Number

It works in many ways that are listed right below. Google subscriber number allows you to :

  • You can make international calls, at an affordable rate.
  • You are allowed to send text messages from the computer or your cell.
  • You are able to read your voicemail and go through it as you do in email.
  • You can personalize the greetings in your voicemail.
  • You will be protected from spam calls.

How To Get The Google Subscriber Number?

The process to get the Google Subscriber Number is written step by step, right below. You have to sign up for Google Voice to get the number.

Step 1: Type on your computer.

Step 2: Sign in to your Google account.

Step 3: Go through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy very carefully.

Step 4: To go on, press Continue.

Step 5: To get a number, search with a code or city

Step 6: Select the number.

Step 7: Read the instructions for setting your voice, and link some other number. 

How To Find The Google Voice Number?

To track the number you will have to follow the instructions below thoroughly. 

  • Visit
  • Submit your Gmail ID with the password that you have used for Google Voice. 
  • Sign in to your Google Voice account.
  • There will be a number at the top-right corner of the page in bold. That’s your 10-digit Google subscriber number.

What About Google Subscriber Number Scam?

Google Subscriber Number Scam

Google subscriber number scam is all about criminal activity. It happens when someone hacks your phone number and uses it to create a new account with your name. So if anyone calls you after the number has been hacked, they will hear, “the google subscriber you called is not available”.

Do you know what happens when a hacker hacks someone’s profile, they take all the data and do awful activities from your account, which for people will be shocking because they don’t know yet about the incident?

Most victims end up getting calls from unknown people with bad intentions as the hacker has made your phone number public.

The trick they play is to ask you to open a message that contains a 6 digit number. This 6 digit number reveals the Google Voice Code Verification Number.

Therefore, when you sign up for Google Voice, you always add your phone number to your account. Now Google asks for that because it sends a verification code that will give you access to the Google voice. The scammers are always ready for a tiny gap. If they get hold of your number, you know what happens next.

Performing Google Subscriber Number Lookup

Google Subscriber Number Lookup

The steps to lookup Google subscriber numbers are easy, but you have to keep cool if you want to know the unknown callers. There are only two steps to find who has been interrupting your work. 

  • Got to
  • In the search bar, enter your number and then press enter.

If the number that appears in front of you is familiar to other people, that means the number has been reported and got posted on various sites and forums.

How To Trace GSN?

If you have already decided to track down the number, use the online directory.

After entering the number in the directory, the results will show details about the number and the name of the company getting the VoIP numbers to the users.

This method may or may not work. If it doesn’t, the reason is Google assigns random numbers to the users.

Ways To Take Precautions For Google Subscriber Scam

Google Subscriber Scam Precautions

Though Google is at fault here, still it gives its best to prevent us from scams. The following steps are.

1. Verification Code

Do not share the code with anyone, and also, don’t entertain anyone asking about it. 

2. Unwanted Callers

Whenever you don’t recognize a number and the call keeps coming to just harass you block them; here are the steps to do so. 

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the number you have dialed is unallocated

  • On your Pc, type
  • Check the call log properly.
  • Click the number to block
  • Notice the three dots beside the number? Click on it.
  • Choose the block number option. 
  • Confirm it. 

Once the number is blocked, there are no ways for that strange person to reach you. 

3. Screen Calling

Enable the feature, and it helps you to know the caller before talking. You can then either pick up the call or send the call to voicemail. Steps to enable the feature.

  • Go to
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Next, go to Calls
  • Finally, screen calling.

4. Report

The last step of prevention is reporting the number immediately after feeling insecure. You directly report on Google.

Other ways are to file the number with the Internet Crime Complaint Centre or contact the Office Of Consumer Protection in your state.

Pros And Cons Of Google Subscriber Virtual Numbers

Google subscriber virtual numbers have multiple benefits. One most significant advantage is you do not require an extra sim card. But apart from this, there are many more pros associated with using a virtual Google subscriber number.

Advantages Of Having Google Subscriber Numbers

These Google subscriber numbers are suitable for small business handlers. You do not have to spend on the SIP phone connections.

  1. You can answer your voice mails through Emails.
  2. Do not require a cellular network. You can block spammers and other distributions.
  3. You can make the calls without showing your actual contact numbers.
  4. The users can handle the work from every corner of the earth.
  5. Every user has the facilities to make international calls from every corner of the earth.

All these five are the pros of having a Google subscription number. But these contact numbers also have many disadvantages. Let’s see what the drawbacks are of having Google numbers.

Disadvantages Of Having Google Subscriber Numbers

For the SIP phones, the company is deciding the numbers for you. But for the Google subscriber number, you can select the numbers from the list in the Google voice account dashboards. What are you thinking? Is this an advantage? Then you have to know the cons of having the subscriber numbers of google.

  1. Scam possibilities are pretty high. Many of the users are facing problems. Do you think your Google subscriber contact numbers are pretty safe? This is an insecure contact number. Anyone can hijack your numbers and scam the others.
  2. You need an accurate contact number where Google can send you the verification code for creating the Google subscriber number.
  3. You will not have unlimited call options. Instead, you have to purchase the credit for making the endless calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are Google Cell Numbers And The Google Subscriber Numbers Same?

Google voices allow you to make phone calls, text messaging, and voicemails. These numbers are working like smartphones. You can sync the device for using it in your office and home.

Q2: What Are Google Text Subscribers?

A text subscriber is an internet user who can make phone calls. However, you cannot make the calls and messages and send the email address. Instead, you can send them the Google Text messages as voice mails. The Text subscriber converts the mails into plain text and sends them to your users.

Q3: Are Google Numbers Free For The Users?

Yes, they have free services. For example, Google voice numbers are free of cost. You can make the calls and send the messages. But when you want to make overseas calls at that time, you will need to add more credit to your accounts. These credits are not free of cost. You have to pay for it.

Wrapping It All Up

Risk is everywhere, so it’s your job to dodge them smartly. The Google subscriber number is what you get to use The Google voice.

It allows almost everything regarding interactions. People are there who use the number for criminal activities.

If you get a call from Google, make sure you know the person or just immediately cut the call. Never disclose any personal information; the best idea is to block the number.

Leave a comment down in the comment section if you have any queries, and also share with us your experience if you have regarding the Google subscriber numbers.

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