Contract jobs are a situation when employees are hired for a certain job and they are paid for the particular rate. It is limited for a particular time period and cannot extend beyond that. Nowadays many organizations are hiring employees on the contract basis. As this job is temporary, sometimes it creates doubts among the mind of the employee. This job has seen a good chance for the work seekers.

There are many types of contract jobs, so let’s discuss some of them:

  1. Part-time contract: The work responsibility and protection of part-time contract job is the same as that of full time aside from the number of working hours. During this job, the employee has the limited working time which is defined at the time of employment. Their work relies on the number of hours an employee completes the projects. Their payments are also fixed. This job additionally provides the chance to figure in alternative fields at the same time.
  2. Fixed-term contract: In this job, once you complete your project for which you have been assigned, it ends up in termination of the contract. Here, the working hours are not fixed thus making it different from a part-time contract. In this, the employees already discuss their present regular salary which they will receive. This job is generally based on a single project. Their time can be extended but it will not go beyond the project undertaken. This job lacks continuities but provides work securities and pay opportunities.
  3. Agency staff: In this job, the person is fully employed by the agency they work with but they are working for the other companies. Most of the companies hire agencies for a particular work mostly for administration, maintaining paperwork, and training. The employers who work for the other companies even sometimes in their office space but are on the payroll of that agency and not that organization.
  4. Freelancing: In contract jobs, you can go for freelancing too. For this job, one ought to be an expert in his/her profile. Organizations are keen to hire such a candidate. There is ample job opportunity in freelancing contract job because the employee can work for quite one project at an identical time in keeping with their flexibility.

Advantages of contract jobs: There are various opportunities available in this job. If the candidates are searching for a particular job then, they can opt for freelancing. If you are looking to work for hourly, then you can choose for part-time employment. Due to the flexibility of contract jobs, it attracts the job seekers more in this field. Working on different projects helps the employees a great opportunity to grow.

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 Author Bio: Chinmayee Jha is a passionate content writer who writes on career guidance, job search, and interview tips to help job seeker find better job opportunities. In her free time, she loves to read the books and travel.


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