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Best Practices For Finding An SEO Agency For Your Saas Business

Best Practices For Finding An SEO Agency For Your Saas Business

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A good SEO agency can help you build links and improve your ranking in search engines. It’s a must if you want more customers and to make more money from your SaaS business.

There are over 190,000 SEO and internet marketing consultants and agencies in the USA. But not all are created equal, some are better at doing the work, and some charge more than others.

So how do you find one that will get results for your business? This blog post will show you how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS product by considering what they specialize in and how much they charge. We’ll also show you what mistakes to avoid when hiring an agency so that you don’t waste time or money on one that doesn’t fit your company’s needs.

Top 5 Practices For Finding An SEO Agency For Your Saas Business

1. Work With A Specialist Agency

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When choosing an SEO agency, there are many things to consider, but one decision, in particular, deserves special attention, whether or not to work with a specialist. A specialist agency is defined as one that focuses on just one type of business, industry, or service area.

An excellent example of this would be an agency that handles only SaaS-related search marketing or focuses only on SEO instead of general marketing. If you’re looking for the best possible results from your campaign, it makes sense to work with an expert who knows their stuff inside and out and can tell their clients about the most effective strategies for getting those results.

Why is it essential to work with an agency that has experience in your industry? Here’s why:

  • They understand what works within your vertical because they’ve been working on campaigns like yours every day.
  • They’ve access to tools and insights only available through experience in your vertical.
  • They’re more likely than other agencies’ teams who may not specialize as much as them because they’ve been doing this longer than anyone else.

Companies working in a single area are called niche businesses. These niche businesses are usually more successful than their general counterparts because they gain the right expertise and channel their efforts into a particular area.

Thus, finding SaaS SEO agencies will be beneficial for getting the most out of your investment. However, some general agencies can be as experienced and experts as niche companies.

2. Create An SEO Request For The Proposal

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Writing a Request for proposal (RPF) can be tricky, but it’s necessary if you truly want to evaluate the level of service each company offers. A good RFP will require companies to submit their standard rates and contracts, along with information about their approach to SEO and how long they’ve been in business. Hence, if you are confused about how to buy SEO, building an SEO RFP and waiting for the respondents to approach you is the best way.

When creating an RFP for your SaaS business, make sure that it includes the following:

  • A list of questions about their services and processes
  • A required period for submitting proposals
  • An email address where they should submit responses

3. Make Sure They Understand Your SaaS Product

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Make sure they understand what you do and how your product works. They should be able to explain your product in a way that makes sense to a layperson. They should know what it does for the user, why it’s different from competitors, and how much it costs. They may even be able to provide an example of a similar customer using the platform but don’t expect them to have all the answers on hand during the initial meeting.

Your agency should know where you sell most of your products, what kind of people are buying from those channels, how long their sales cycle is on average for each type of buyer, etc. This information will help them create an effective marketing strategy for your business.

Additionally, your agency should know the recent and ongoing trends in the cloud and SaaS industry. According to Gartner, the current four trends shaping the public cloud are cloud ubiquity, regional cloud ecosystems, cloud sustainability, and automated programmable infrastructure.

It is evident that you will be following these trends and trying to incorporate them into your offerings. However, your SEO agency should also be aware of them to highlight the same through different communication mediums.

4. See the Examples of Their Past Work

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When choosing an SEO agency, there are many things to consider, but one decision, in particular, deserves special attention, whether or not to work with a specialist. A specialist agency is defined as one that focuses on just one type of business, industry, or service area. Outsourcing a growth marketing agency that specialises in SEO is beneficial to keep track of data and analytics, and a flawless execution in efforts to grow with your business.

When deciding on an SEO agency, ensure they have a website showing off their work. You should be able to see examples of sites that are similar to yours. For instance, if your website sells SaaS products for small businesses, look for case studies for SaaS businesses.

Similarly, you must also see their work in local SEO, especially if you are planning to target customers from a particular region. Data shows that around 83% of consumers search online to find nearby businesses. Hence, the agency you select must have a local SEO expert if you are targeting only local customers.

5. Know About Their Pricing

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Once you’ve chosen a few companies and have talked with them about what they do, it’s time to look at the details of their pricing. There are several questions to ask when considering how much to pay:

  • What is included in the cost? Will they create your website from scratch or optimize it for search engines? Are any add-ons available that could improve your site or help with conversions?
  • How much will they charge if I need something else done later? Does the initial price include ongoing maintenance and support? If not, what do those additional services cost, and when will they be billed for them?
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with their work or don’t like the results of their optimization efforts after they’re finished optimizing my site? What kind of guarantee is given during this process that I get good value for my money?

If you have any concerns about paying someone else to do SEO work on your business’s behalf, then make sure that these questions are answered before moving forward. If anything seems unclear or unsettling, turn away from that agency quickly.


Now that we’ve gotten through some of the basics of finding an SEO agency, hopefully, you will feel more confident in your search. There are many other factors to consider when hiring a SaaS SEO agency, like experience, pricing, and communication style. But if you keep these five tips in mind when deciding, you will be on the right track to finding an agency that is right for your business.


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