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14 Exciting Rewards For Employees To Motivate Them At Work

14 Exciting Rewards For Employees To Motivate Them At Work

Exciting Rewards

In today’s work landscape, motivation isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a must-have. While no one’s denying the importance of a good paycheck, it’s the beyond-the-salary rewards that truly move the needle. Why? Because they add a touch of surprise, a dash of recognition.  

Let’s have a look at 14 exciting rewards that can keep your employees motivated and dedicated at work.

14 Unique Motivational Rewards for Employees

1. Personalized Recognition

Personalized Recognition

Instead of just a standard ‘Employee of the Month’ plaque, consider getting to know your employees and recognizing them in a manner that’s unique to them.

For instance, someone who loves reading might appreciate a best-selling book, while a fitness enthusiast could love a new gym accessory. If you prefer award plaques, some unique appreciation award wording examples could be the innovation award, mentorship award, most creative award, sales achievement award, and so on.

2. Flexible Working Hours

In today’s digital age, traditional office hours can sometimes feel restrictive. Allowing employees to choose their working hours, even if just occasionally, shows that you trust them and value their need for work-life balance.

3. Reward with Personalized Experiences

Experiences tend to stay in memories longer than material rewards. Instead of cash bonuses, you can consider offering experiences, such as tickets to a show, a spa day, or even a weekend getaway. Your employees will not only feel relaxed and happy, but these experiences will also leave some lasting memories.

4. Health and Wellness Packages

Prioritizing your employees’ health not only shows your care towards them but also adds to their productivity. So, promote a healthy lifestyle by offering gym memberships, ergonomic office supplies, or monthly massages. Healthy employees are often more productive and less likely to take sick days.

5. Lunch with Leadership

Offer top performers a chance to have lunch with the CEO or other top executives. This is not only a unique way of recognizing their efforts but also provides an opportunity for direct feedback and building connections with the company’s higher-ups.

6. Unplanned Days Off

Surprise your employees with an extra day off now and then to show them that you prioritize their well-being. This indirectly translates to better employee retention so talent would stay with your company for a longer time.

7. Subscription Services

Subscription Services

From online magazine subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or Spotify, these are gifts that keep on giving. These digital goodies offer both entertainment and enrichment while constantly reminding your employees of the company’s appreciation.

8. Office Upgrades

Give employees the chance to upgrade their workspace. This could be in the form of new office furniture, tech gadgets, or even just some quality office plants. A comfortable workspace can enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

9. Team Building Activities

Bonding outside the office can nurture team spirit. So, reward the entire team with an off-site day filled with fun activities. From escape rooms to charity events, these outings not only make a unique reward but also promote team bonding and harmony.

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10. Creative Workshops and Classes

Encourage the creative side of your employees by offering them enrollment in art workshops or classes, such as pottery, painting, dance, or even photography. This can be a refreshing break from the routine while also helping rejuvenate their souls.

11. Adventure and Outdoor Activities

For the thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts in your team, consider rewards like zip-lining adventures, scuba diving lessons, mountain trekking trips, or even a day of kayaking. Such activities can reduce stress in employees and provide a much-needed escape from the daily chaos, while also promoting wellness and connection with nature.

12. Pet-friendly Days

Pet-friendly Days

Introducing a pet-friendly day at the office can be a wonderful way to lift the workplace ambiance. Allowing employees to bring their furry friends on a specific day can promote positivity, create opportunities for interaction, and add liveliness to the typical workday. Of course, you should have clear guidelines to ensure comfort and safety for everyone in the office.

13. Celebrate Birthdays

Recognizing individual birthdays isn’t just about the cake or the balloons. It’s a gesture that tells your employees that they are valued. By organizing a small celebration, perhaps a team lunch or a personalized gift based on the employee’s interests, you can foster a culture of appreciation. This little effort can go a long way in making employees feel seen and cherished.

14. Gift Cards

Gift cards allow employees to select what truly appeals to them. Whether it’s a card for a trendy local café, a popular online shopping platform, or a niche bookstore, this reward combines flexibility with thoughtfulness. To make it even more personal, you can ask employees about their favorite places to shop or dine so that they can enjoy cashing the gift card as per their preferences.

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