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5 Ways That Excellent Online Communication Can Add To Your Entrepreneurial Success

5 Ways That Excellent Online Communication Can Add To Your Entrepreneurial Success

Online Communication

All modern strategies in digital marketing and branding consider solid communication skills as a prerequisite for business success. They allow you to be heard via multiple channels and resolve any disputes with internal and external stakeholders.

Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, online communication skills define your success chances since modern marketing is effectively based on such concepts as two-way communication. With industry leaders using online grammar checker products to avoid typos in social media messages, it is clear that you cannot possibly ‘go over the top’ with improvements in this sphere.

Here Are Prime 5 Ways That Excellent Online Communication Can Add To Your Entrepreneurial Success:

In this article, we will analyze 5 ways these competencies can add to your entrepreneurial capabilities.

1. Conflict Prevention

experienced marketer

Let us be honest, any experienced marketer knows that service failures are inevitable. Sooner or later your CRM systems will recognize a disgruntled customer who did not receive their order or was extremely dissatisfied with some aspect of their interaction with your brand.

The thing is, the line between hate and love is a thin one. Many brands including Aldi UK, Burger King, and Sainsbury managed to handle public complaints from their customers using a combination of respect and humor.

The thing is, this trick can be extremely powerful but requires solid communication skills. Specifically, you have to combine a reserved joke with a sincere apology and practical solutions offered to the affected customer.

This strategy is perfect for brands due to multiple reasons:

  • You show that you value your clients and are willing to solve any emerging problems.
  • You avoid the formality that triggers instant anger among many clients (the annoying ‘please, contact our Customer Service for more details and hold the line’ approach).
  • You show other existing and prospective customers that you care and will show the same level of respect and attentiveness to their future claims (if any).

2. Positive Word-of-Mouth

A snarky communication style and the ability to engage in an amicable exchange of funny comments can help you go viral on social media.

Early pioneers of the concept such as the globally recognized insurance company GEICO quickly discovered that the use of humor allows you to be more personal and friendly to your customers.

This shows your ‘human side and can allow you to mock your own problems if you feel brave enough. For example, Duolingo announced a ‘language-learning pillow’ allowing its users to learn a language overnight as a joke about many consumers looking for a ‘magic pill’ to help them become better without investing the sufficient effort.

Similarly, H&M mocked Mark Zuckerberg’s ascetic choice of clothes by announcing an ‘H&M Mark Zuckerberg Collection’ on April Fool’s Day in 2016. Both of these jokes went viral on social media and brought much-desired attention to both brands.

3. Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing

Many marketing experts agree that effective digital marketing is largely synonymous with omni-channel marketing in the 2020s. Your consumers may contact you via different means ranging from posts on their own social media pages to direct messages in various apps.

They expect their communication to be consistent across all of these channels. From a brand perspective, this means that any person responsible for each individual platform must possess the same level of competencies while also being aware of the past history of contacts with this particular client (if any).

This requires proper training in customer communication but pays off in the long-term perspective since such longitudinal communication leads to relationship development if it is done right. There are few things less lucrative to expert marketers than long-term loyal clients loving the brand and spreading positive word-of-mouth about it on the basis of their positive past experiences.

4. Brand Personalisation

Some marketers willing to make their brands successful by standardising omni-channel marketing communication fail to achieve positive results due to excessive formalization. Most customers are extremely tired of the ‘corporate’ style relying on such messages as ‘your call is very important to us’ and ‘we will investigate and get back to you’.

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They do not want to contact a robot, a chatbot, or an automatic answering machine. They are contacting you online to receive some support from a human. While all of your employees must observe the rules of polite communication, a company-specific communication style can be a perfect way to ‘humanise’ your brand.

Such marketing leaders as Zappos promote openness and sincerity instead of respectful formality. This allows them to ace customer communication and creates a ‘family spirit’ leading to long-term relationships with their clients.

5. Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Well-developed communication skills also allow you to be proactive rather than reactive. How about approaching your existing and prospective customers with an idea of a hashtag campaign? Would they like to participate in a contest with some prizes being awarded for user-generated content? Would they like to share some feedback on how you could improve your brand? These activities cannot be pulled off without solid communication skills allowing you to approach your customers without being intrusive or awkward.

However, the payoff can be incredible. The #ShareACoke campaign by Coca-Cola led to 1+ billion impressions. From a practical standpoint, this amounted to a 2.5% increase in sales, which further confirms that acing your communication skills is the key to your entrepreneurial success.

Excellent communication skills are rarely found in modern marketing for business. With few brands being able to pull it off without sounding rude, offensive, or awkward, they can become your competitive advantage making you instantly recognizable to your customers. Keep in mind that solid skills take time to develop.

Start small, work out some basic rules for maintaining omni-channel communication, train your employees, and become bolder as you go. Ideally, you should measure your customer satisfaction levels using tangible metrics to identify the tactics that work best for engaging your audiences. Afterward, you should be able to focus on the most effective instruments to maximize your reach and brand power.

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