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How A Great Email Design Can Ensure Better Business Productivity

How A Great Email Design Can Ensure Better Business Productivity

Email Design


  • Are you trying to look for ways to optimize your Email Marketing campaigns?
  • Have you tried experimenting with different kinds of email designs to increase output?
  • Do you know how you can grow your business by simply changing the design of your email?

The humble email continues to be ever so important in 2020. Even though the technology and the process are a testament to a bygone era, yet business experts and marketing gurus still swear by the effectiveness of a good email.

According to experts and statistics, you are likely to get a return of $38 USD for every $1 USD you spend on email marketing. Even though newer models and platforms like social media, review sites, and others have become a part of our ecosystem, the email continues to be very strong.

In this article, we will look at some important aspects of designing the best email marketing campaigns. We will also look at how a great email design can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a not so successful one.

Why a brilliant Email Design can improve Engagement rates?

Scientific studies have shown that the human brain can read, analyze, and process images within 13 milliseconds. This is faster than the speed of our brain processing textual content. Great email design is a composite of several important elements-

  1. A hero image
  2. Company logo
  3. Call-To-Action (CTA)
  4. Great copy
  5. Vivid colours
  6. Innovative content like GIFs and Animation
  7. Details of contacting- email, phone number, social media links, etc.
  8. The option of unsubscribing from the emailing list (freedom and autonomy)

Content is important as it has always been. A design simply helps to organize it in a better way. To give you an example, the best designers always create a design element, which starts from the left and moves to the right.

Do you know why do they do that? It is because our brains are tuned to read from left to the right. When we follow the same principles in our design, we open the possibility of people consuming the content in the same easy manner.

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Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: The List

Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing continues to be one of the most sought after strategies by business executives. It has enjoyed this reputation for quite some decades and the prominence does not seem to be fading anytime soon.

According to Hubspot, around 3.8 billion emails were sent in 2018. According to experts, this figure is going to rise to nearly 4.5 billion by 2022. This just goes to show that email was, is, and will continue to be one of the strongest strategies for outreach.

A successful email marketing campaign can bring infinite successes or incomparable losses to the fortunes of a commercial entity. In the following section, we will look at some important elements that can make your email marketing campaign a success.

1. Date and Time of your Email Marketing Campaign-

At the surface level, this might seem as unimportant and trivia. However, delve deep into this phenomenon and you will notice why 40% of all email marketing campaigns are done between 6 am and 12 pm.

This is because most people are likely to be fresh when they reach their offices, more responsive to new ideas, and less likely to be irritated by new proposals. If you are sending the same emails at 6 or 7 pm in the evening, people are tired from a hard day of work.

2. Subject Line is the Winner-

Your best copywriter should not be writing tweets for your business profile. He or she should be fully invested in creating the best email copy that is logically possible for your business. This includes creating a stellar subject line, which is attractive and intuitive in nature.

The subject line is the first thing anyone is going to see or read. If it is not strong or enticing enough, your email will never be opened. Hence, it is important that you set the tone, mood, and details of the email in your subject line.

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3. Email Design is a critical element of the process-

Ask any successful marketer, the bedrock of a successful email marketing campaign and he or she is very likely to state visual and copy. Email design is an important aspect that helps in communicating in the right fashion.

It also helps in arranging thoughts, meaning, and calls to action in a structured, holistic, and well-designed manner. Marketers and sales executives often run A/B testing with different types of email designs to see, which one performs best.

4. Responsiveness across all devices and operating systems-

Some of the best companies make elementary errors. They fail to optimize email design for mobile devices, tabs, and different operating systems. While this may seem to be very elementary, we miss the basics most of the time.

It is important that a successful email marketing campaign takes into account the responsiveness question. Most people are going to view the emails on their phones, or on their tablets. If you are not able to get your communication across in a proper manner, you are not going to get the desired results.

4. High Level of Personalization and Customization-

It should be remembered that the above four points are integral to creating a good email marketing strategy. However, personalization is what is going to take the email marketing campaign from a good one to a great one.

The bigger companies are working with SaaS-based companies to help them in the customization process. This includes directing specific and personalized messages based on the user’s past and existing interactions with your business.


Email marketing is not going away any time soon. It continues to be the preferred model of outreach and setting communications in commercial circles. With the help of effective email design, you will be able to create the best email marketing campaign. If you have any more questions on email designs, let us know in the comments section below.

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