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How To Effectively Close Your Boxes

How To Effectively Close Your Boxes

Close Your Boxes

For sure, on some occasion, you have received a package that was not properly closed, either because the adhesive tape used was not enough for the weight of the package, or because it was subjected to mishandling during the journey.

Alternatively, you might have received a package that cost you a lot of effort to open because whoever sent it used excess adhesive tape.

Whether you are shipping lightweight white postal boxes or heavier boxed items, closing them securely is a must!

Here we recommend 3 options to effectively close your boxes with packing tape before shipping them:

1. U-shaped closure

The simplest. Perfect for closing packages up to 20 kg and whose transport is a short-haul. Apply tape along the joint of the two upper and lower flaps of the box (2 bands).

2. U and L-closure

This consists of a U-closure plus two more seals along the upper and lower edges (6 bands): an extra reinforcement for semi-heavy packages up to 40 kg, or long-distance transport and storage.

3. Full H-closure

Uses 6 bands to seal all joints of the box flaps securely: a secure closure to reinforce heavy packages over 40 kg, ideal for long-distance transport, and extended storage.

But if you still want to increase security and have extra peace of mind, use wider-than-normal 75 mm wide tape or reinforced adhesive tape. You will avoid possible damage during the storage or transport of the goods.

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Pro tips: using adhesive tape

As important as how to choose the right adhesive tape to close your boxes, it is important to apply it correctly for the best results. Here, we give you a few tips so that the result is the most optimal possible and we also indicate how to store adhesive tape correctly.


  • For optimum results, we recommend applying the adhesive tape in an environment with a temperature above 10°C and on a clean and dry surface. If the surface does not have these conditions, the adhesive deteriorates easily.
  • Adhesive tape guns: for PVC adhesive tapes, it is better to use the sealer gun with the brake fully released.
  • For silent polypropylene adhesive tape, exert slight pressure on the tape, taking care not to stretch it. Operate the sealer gun with the brake fully released.
  • For polypropylene adhesive tape, it is essential to avoid stretching the roll since, if you do, you risk the tape coming off when trying to recover its original length.

Storage tips

Depending on how long the adhesive tape is going to be stored, some measures should be taken. Here are some tips:

  • We recommend storing the adhesive tape for a maximum of 6 months at a temperature between 18 and 25°C. But if this is not possible, it is always advisable to place the adhesive tape in a warm place 24 hours before using it.
  • The silent polypropylene adhesive tape (acrylic glue) has the advantage that it can be stored for 1 year without being affected.

With the right closing technique and correct adhesive tape for the task, your packages will always remain well-sealed and arrive in pristine condition.

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