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Ecom Warrior Academy Reviews Reasons Why Biz Owners Need Mentors

Ecom Warrior Academy Reviews Reasons Why Biz Owners Need Mentors

Ecom Warrior Academy Reviews

You’ve finally ditched your nine-to-five job to pursue your dream of owning a business.

But just a few days running your own business, you feel alone, with no one but yourself to turn to. No boss to ask for advice, no colleague to sound off and brainstorm with.

You know that you have a solid product to offer people, something that solves a unique problem. But with so many stumbling blocks in front of you, especially seemingly small and trivial matters you haven’t paid much attention to, you find yourself overwhelmed.

Mentorship Matters:

If you feel that you have waded into deep waters with no help in sight, you need to act fast and find a mentor.

Although small business owners and entrepreneurs are glorified as modern-day heroes, what is often left out in the conversation is that leadership matters. A lot.

In fact, leadership breakdown is one of the leading reasons why a startup fails. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

According to Matthew Lepre, owner of Ecom Warrior Academy and an e-commerce mentor, the success or failure of a business hinges greatly on the ability of the leader, in this case, you, to take full control of the venture, whether you have a brick and mortar or an online business.

Matthew Lepre knows a lot about the value of mentorship, having coached and mentored several individuals who have made their foray into the dropshipping business. Just check out Ecom Warrior Academy reviews.

But how exactly can mentorship help you?

Top Reasons Why Business Owners Need Mentors

Top reasons why business owners need mentors

According to the Ecom Warrior Academy owner, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting yourself a mentor for your business, no matter what your current experience level may be.

 Leverage The Experience of Others:

Many people say that mistakes can help you learn and grow. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that statement, wouldn’t it be better to avoid these entirely?

When you have sacrificed many things to start on your own, when you have let other opportunities pass by, when you have other people relying on you, you certainly cannot afford to make crucial mistakes that can lead to the downfall of your venture.

Matthew Lepre says that the beauty of having a mentor by your side, especially when you are starting your venture, be it a dropshipping business, affiliate marketing, or even a conventional business model like a restaurant, is that you can avoid common pitfalls that plague new companies.

When you have someone who has experienced most of the things that you will face as an entrepreneur, you can focus on what matters most for your business, be it finding suppliers or testing Facebook ads.

Sure, you can read countless business books and industry journals. But those cannot replace the real-life experience of someone who has run a business himself.

And with a mentor like the Ecom Warrior Academy owner, you can make effective use of whatever resources you currently have and grow your business while avoiding problems over the short and long term.

Open New Doors:

Another advantage of mentorship that Matthew Lepre cites is the number of opportunities that can be made available to you through your mentor.

In this regard, your mentor does not just provide you with unique insights you can use to run your business. Your mentor can also open up his network to help you gain access to specialists that will prove valuable in facing unique situations in your operations.

For example, during the first few months of your business, you need to make your product or service visible to your target market. Your mentor can introduce you to specialists like a Facebook ad expert to help your product gain traction online.

That network, by itself, is worth thousands of dollars.

A steady Anchor You Can Rely On:

There will be rough times, that’s for certain. According to Matthew Lepre, how you handle things is what will spell the outcomes.

And it can get lonely when you are the one running the show. Sure, you have your friends and family to turn to. But most likely, they won’t understand the unique struggles you might be currently facing in your business.

That’s where a mentor can prove to be an invaluable asset to your business.

When things get rough, and you cannot seem to find an exit, your mentor can provide you not only with objective advice. He can also help you steady your mind to buckle down to do the necessary work.

You might struggle with your feelings and ideas when things do not go as planned. But your mentor can provide you with the reassurance you need during challenging times.

You might have technical experience and expertise. But if your confidence is shot, there is no way for you to overcome challenges if you have already given up the fight.

The Ecom Warrior Academy owner also underscores the value of a mentor in anchoring a business owner’s emotions.

It is natural for people to become overwhelmed with emotions, especially in a tough situation. But it is how you handle your feelings that will dictate the outcomes for your business.

Because your mentor has no real stake in your business, only in your success, he can provide you with an objective mindset that you can leverage in your decision-making process.

Finding a Mentor:

Finding a mentor

According to Matthew Lepre of Ecom Warrior Academy, there are a few ways that you can find your mentor.

Although you may find your mentor even if you are not actively seeking one, it is always better to do an active search, if possible, even before you start your venture.

Take advantage of industry events and networking opportunities like conferences. You are more likely to find an expert in your industry in these events.

You can also widen your search by looking for mentors online like Matthew Lepre, specializing in individuals who want to start their online business, specifically dropshipping. You can even try enrolling yourself in a mentorship program like the one offered by Ecom Warrior Academy and learn the ropes of the trade, including skills like affiliate marketing and how to use Facebook ads for your business.

What to Look For in a Mentor-

What to look for in a mentor

There is no doubt that there are many experts in your field that you can turn to. But mentorship is a unique skill that, unfortunately, not everyone possesses.

In your search for a mentor, consider the following to look for according to Ecom Warrior Academy owner Matthew Lepre.

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Communication Skills:

It is one thing to know something and an entirely different thing to communicate it. In short, find someone with superior communication skills.

Alignment of Values:

Initially, differences in values may seem insignificant. But as you face struggles in your business, the last thing you would want is for your values to clash with your mentor’s.

Personality Match:

Like alignment in values, a personality match can spell the success or failure of your relationship with your mentor. It would be helpful to start defining which type of personality you prefer from your mentor.


Unless you enroll in a mentorship program like the Ecom Warrior Academy, you have to check with your mentor if he is willing to teach and coach you.

Set an informal meeting to get to know your prospective mentor and lay the groundwork for your relationship.

How to Get the Most Out of a Mentorship

A mentor is no silver bullet who can guarantee immediate success. Indeed, your mentor can help you navigate the rough waters of running a business. However, there are a few things that you need to bring to the table to make the relationship work.

Here are a few tips from the Ecom Warrior Academy owner.

Remember Who is The Student:

It’s you. Sure, you have a few great ideas for your business. But when you seek the help of a mentor, you have to take the backseat and set your ego aside.

You will probably hear a few things that you won’t like, which may challenge your preconceived notions. You might also get constructive feedback from your mentor.

Take these all in, consider, and then decide. Do not let your ego stop you from getting what you need from your mentor.

Make it a Date:

According to Ecom Warrior Academy, many mentors lead busy lives. Most probably, the mentor you find is still active in his business and has carved off some time from his schedule to accommodate your needs.

As such, you should always be mindful of that. Reciprocate your mentor’s efforts by coming to the meetups you have set, whether in person or online, in a mentorship program.

Do Your Homework:

And speaking of meetups, make sure that you come prepared when you see your mentor.

Remember that he also has a busy schedule and cannot accommodate all of your concerns, especially those not related to business.

Before each meetup with your mentor, come prepared to ask the right questions.

Set Realistic Goals:

Once you have found yourself a mentor, set goals, both for the short and long term.

This will help both you and your mentor to evaluate your progress. More importantly, this creates an environment where you hold yourself accountable. This is also a good way to show your mentor that you value his time and teachings.

Ecom Warrior Academy Reviews: Your business Needs Help:

No matter what your business model is, your fledgling venture needs a friend. Having a mentor by your side can help boost the chances of you succeeding.

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