Driving Distractions

Driving Distractions You Never Knew Existed

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One of the most common reasons for vehicle collisions is a distraction. It?s difficult to remain 100% focused and concentrated on the road at all times, but everyone should strive for that.

And now, in 2022, there are more distractions than ever given that technology is joining us in our vehicles and it tends to be very tempting.

Being cautious on the road not only means keeping yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road safe, but it also means avoiding harsh penalties for driving recklessly ? whether it?s due to distractions or not.

SR22 insurance may be necessary for certain driving infractions, as well. That?s why it pays to always be alert and vigilant on the road – for a quick trip to the store or a cross-country excursion.

1. Emotional Agitation

When you sit in the driver?s seat, it?s virtually impossible to turn off the rest of your life. You might be irritated, angry, tired, sad, or any of the emotions that people tend to move through on any given day.

Driving and feeling emotional turmoil to the point where it distracts you with too much thought and agitation can easily result in a crash. It is estimated that you are 10x more likely to be in a collision if you drive while emotionally agitated.

If you find yourself getting behind the wheel in this state, it?s best to not drive at all if that?s possible. If it isn?t, put on uplifting music so you won?t spiral more into your anger or sadness.

2. Bugs

Vehicles are not immune to creepy crawler critters. Spiders, especially, like to crawl along with dashboards or scuttle along with the seat, steering wheel, or just about anywhere.

This poses a huge distraction for drivers because it startles them out of concentration on the road and panic can rise to the point of making either the killing or excavation of the spider from the car a number one priority.

Many crashes have been reported that can be traced back to spiders scaring drivers. If you find yourself in this situation, stay calm and pull over somewhere safe to deal with it.

Remind yourself, on occasion, that sudden spider appearances are possible, to help ease the panic from taking over when it does, in fact, happen. Try to calm yourself down by keeping in mind that the vast majority of spiders are not venomous and most spiders aren?t looking to bite you anyway.

3. Attractive People

Studies have shown that over half of men ? and about 1/6 of women ? are distracted while driving when they see an attractive man or woman.

Now that summer is here, this becomes even more of an issue because people are out and about more; they are jogging, bicycling, etc. Billboards can pose a similar distraction, as beauty catches the eye enough to break a driver?s focus on the road.

While this, like some other distractions, is nothing you can avoid, it?s important to remind yourself to take your driving seriously.

4. Hands-Free

These days, everyone knows that driving and texting or driving and talking on their phone (if it isn?t hands-free) is illegal and dangerous.

Hands-free solutions provide drivers with a more responsible way to talk with other people while being able to keep both hands on the wheel. However, did you know that even hands-free is a driving distraction?

  • Oftentimes, buttons or swiping still have to take place to make calls, accept calls, change volume, etc.
  • There may be two things going at once, the conversation and GPS directions, causing the mind to be pulled in many directions? and most specifically ? away from the road.
  • Any conversation you?re having while driving is a distraction to your concentration on the highway around you, whether it?s with another passenger or someone over the phone.

5. Grooming

People are always running late these days. The commute between where you are and where you?re going is a tempting time to use for brushing hair, putting on makeup, or even tweezing. Unfortunately, unless the vehicle is stopped and put into the park ? perhaps during a traffic jam or in a long fast food line ? grooming in the car is a bad idea.

Always do your best to finish the grooming before you leave the house, and don?t put any grooming tools in the front seat or nearby so they won?t be a temptation. If you absolutely must groom before your destination, pull safely over somewhere or stop to use a public restroom.

It?s easy to get distracted when driving. In fact, most everyone will find that it happens at some point. The trick is to avoid the known distractions as much as possible and to be prepared for those that are out of your control.

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