7 Ways to Dress Up a Sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts once seemed like a fashion piece with almost no versatility. There?s only one way to style a sweater right? Fortunately, modern fashion has shown us that you can do just about anything with a sweatshirt. Here are some tips we?ve gathered about how to dress up women?s sweatshirts, as well as some general style tips.

7 Ways To Dress Up With Sweatshirts

7 Ways To Dress Up With Sweatshirts

1. Go For Simple Layers

There are different types of sweatshirts (including pullovers, zipped sweatshirts, and hoodies). When you?re rocking a zipped sweatshirt that opens at the front, layers can really take your look to the next level. You can add a blouse underneath your sweatshirt for a bit of a business casual vibe, but a graphic tee can tone down the look to something a bit more casual.

2. Wear a Button-Down

A button-down shirt looks smart on anyone. To dress up your zipped sweater, wear a button-down under it for a sophisticated look. If you?re wearing a pullover sweater, pull the collar over the sweater to add a touch of class. Monotone, lightweight pullovers work best for these looks. Make sure to coordinate the colors and styles with your button-down shirts.

3. Blazer on Top

In the coldest winter months, it can be difficult to make your sweatshirt look stylish. Thankfully, you can layer it up with some other pieces from your closet. The goal of layering like this is to showcase different colors and textures. Wear a plain tee under your sweater and layer a blazer on top. It?s a polished look that keeps you warm at the same time.

4. Casual Jeans

The best pairing for your favorite sweatshirt is your favorite pair of jeans. This combination is a classic, and it will always be in style! Choose a darker pair of jeans (any cut or style ? it doesn?t matter) with a graphic sweatshirt. If you want to rock a lighter cream or white sweatshirt, choose lighter jeans to help create a softer look.

Boots always work here, but you can choose all types of different footwear to pull off this look. Since it?s a casual look, you can always turn heads with heels. However, don?t be afraid to wear your favorite winter boots, either!

5. Business Slacks

Business slacks are a comfortable way to give your sweatshirt a more professional style. Your favorite comfortable slacks look professional and help you feel productive.

At the same time, the soft fabric of your favorite sweatshirt provides a little comfort and warmth, even in the most mundane office spaces. Use these pieces together to create a comfy, low-effort look that makes you and your boss happy. Wear some nice business loafers, ankle boots, or similar office shoes to complete the look.

6. Khaki Shorts for Spring

Sometimes, you?ll want to rock your sweater on cooler summer or spring nights. When it?s not all that cold, you can pair your sweater with a pair of khaki shorts. This works well when the shorts are a bit longer and your sweater is neutral-colored. The above styling tips apply here as well ? you can put a button-up under your sweatshirt to look a little more professional.

To pull the look together, make sure to throw on a pair of boat shoes or hiking boots, depending on your preference. Footwear really pulls this look together, so go for something practical, warm, and fits the tone of your outfit.

7. Accessorize

One of the best ways to style a sweatshirt is with various accessories. A watch hidden just under the cuff of your sweatshirt can take your look to a professional level. At the same time, sunglasses and beanies can make you look more put-together for casual occasions. However, you choose to use accessories, make sure that they are complimentary when it comes to color and textures.

You can use nearly any bag with a sweatshirt, but avoid cross-body bags if your sweatshirt is a little oversized. You want it to drape a certain way, and a cross-body bag can interfere with that.


Sweatshirts are much more versatile than we?ve given them credit for! There are so many ways to wear a sweatshirt, dress up an outfit that includes a sweatshirt, and stay warm while looking great. Take a look at your wardrobe and create some great looks before the colder months are over!

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