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Different Billboard Types To Promote Your Product Or Service

Different Billboard Types To Promote Your Product Or Service


Promoting your company outdoors can be a daunting experience if you are planning it for the first time. However, billboards are not exactly what you would have traditionally thought they were. This outdoor medium of advertising has evolved to become much more and this article will walk you through some of the main types of billboards you can use.

For example, digital billboards are growing in popularity as brands utilize the power of interactive media. If you look at some of the digital billboards Bishopp can make, you will soon see the creative scope in store for your brand’s creativity.

Different Billboard Types To Promote Your Product Or Service

You want to advertise your brand to the outside world in a high impact way. Billboards are a powerful tool that can be effectively utilized for a number of business goals. Here are some of the types available:

Standard :

Standard billboards are the ones you see whilst you are driving. They are big and printed on paper then applied by individuals.

Digital billboards :

You will see these at bus stops, public transport spots, around town centers and other areas. These are becoming even more popular due to the creative scope and potential they hold. With things such as NFC and interactivity with mobile phones, more companies are utilizing the power of digital billboards.

Wallscape billboards :

These are the biggest type and have the ability to achieve maximum visual impact. If you have the budget and the message for it, wallscapes can really pack a punch when trying to get a brand’s message through.

Wallscapes are used mainly for prominent outdoor promotion campaigns and come in a variety of sizes. Normally, they will span to 700sqft or more and will be practically unmissable as people walk through space.

Vinyl billboards :

These are spray painted with UV resistant paint meaning they last much longer than the usual billboard advertising method. With extra longevity, you are looking at a lifespan of 3-5 years. They utilize paint and printing to produce a vinyl material that is great for brand logos and longer-term messaging that isn’t likely to change.

Painted billboards :

These are becoming increasingly sporadic but occasionally you may still see a painted billboard. This is great if your brand or message resonates more as a raw art form and can benefit from this type of advertising.

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Tri billboards :

This is when a billboard is split up into thirds. It provides a more affordable means for promotion as it cuts the entire billboard into chunks and cuts the price also.

Mobile billboards :

A mobile billboard is usually placed on a large vehicle such as a garbage disposal van or bigger taxis. This means the audience can spot the promotional message as the car moves. Many are also digital so it carries numerous benefits for brands.

As you can see, there are several billboard types available for promoting your brand. Each has its own benefit and gives a company something unique to enhance their promotional message.

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