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How To Develop A Social Media Strategy About Sensitive Content

How To Develop A Social Media Strategy About Sensitive Content

Sensitive Content

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and this means that we need to address the various issues in the world. It’s very easy to hide away from topics that make us uncomfortable, whether they be racism, domestic abuse, or one of the many other problems in the world.

Despite this, as the saying goes, silence is compliance, meaning it’s essential that we speak openly about such topics. In doing so, it’s important to do so sensitively so that victims are represented fairly and accurately, but how do you go about creating a social media strategy around sensitive content?

Identify Scenarios You May Address

From a business perspective, you’ll need to address scenarios that could hypothetically happen and establish how you would respond across your social channels.

Some examples include:

  • Members of your community falling ill or passing away
  • Tragedy’s impacting other local businesses
  • Politicians accusing your business of being unfair/bad for the environment
  • The abrupt firing of employees
  • Injuries caused by your products
  • #MeToo accusations or incidents

The above are just a handful of sensitive topics that a company may encounter – your company may have various other aspects that need to be addressed.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Tragic

Dealing with sensitive content

While sensitive topics are exactly that, sensitive, that doesn’t mean that all the content you share has to be tragic.

For instance, if a company has made an error, they don’t have to focus on the negatives of this; instead, it can focus on what they’ve done to amend this issue. Similarly, this is much better than hiding away from the mistake, as this will allow others to control what is being said.

Another sensitive topic that a company may need to address is the passing of a community member. While it’s very sad to say goodbye to someone, they may choose to focus on their accomplishments and positive aspects of their life.

Finally, businesses should always express solidarity with their customers who are experiencing hardship. In showing this support, they should also share helpful resources and information.

Be Straightforward And Honest

Although it’s important to remain cautious about how you address sensitive topics, this isn’t to say that you should mask anything.

You need to be straightforward and honest with your audience in the following ways:

  • Acknowledge and validate feelings
  • Share helpful resources
  • Avoid doublespeak
  • Answer questions honestly
  • Give clear explanations
  • Use accurate and appropriate terminology

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Communicate Clearly and Accurately

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When dealing with sensitive content, it’s essential that you present any information clearly and accurately. This is because you need to ensure your audience understands your message, but you also need to make certain that what you’re conveying is the right message.

In order to ensure that you’re sharing clear and accurate information, you can:

  • Allow people who are more qualified to speak on the matter to do so
  • Welcome the asking of questions
  • Reach out to experts on the matter at hand
  • Fact-check any information you share

Moderate Responses Appropriately

Sensitive content evokes heightened responses, and these responses won’t always be as sensitively handled as your content. Therefore, you may wish to moderate the comments on these posts.

This doesn’t mean that you should silence anyone that disagrees with you (so long as their comment isn’t offensive); instead, you should be looking to remove comments from those who are looking for an excuse to troll, as well as those who are spreading inaccurate information.

It’s all about finding the balance between productive engagement and inappropriate or abusive behavior. Thankfully, you don’t have to sift through every comment, as there are social media tools for doing so.

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