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Cut Costs, Not Corners – A Practical Guide in 2020

Cut Costs, Not Corners – A Practical Guide in 2020


When it comes to operating a business, there are a number of expenses to take into account (get it?) before you get to make money. “You gotta spend money to make money,” after all. Therefore, you’re going to want to minimize these expenses without sacrificing the quality of your products and services. Cut Costs without cutting corners, as it were. Therefore, it helps to know what kinds of pitfalls to look out for when it comes time for your business plan. Here are some of the pitfalls to look out for in your business endeavor.

Business travel is one of the biggest expenditures for any organization. However, the same needs to be evaluated in terms of other important factors like time and convenience. A good way to overcome both the problems of rising costs as well as travel time is to start using Jettly’s private jet cards programs. This will help you bring down your travel expenditures and ensure that you are being able to reach those meetings and deadlines on time.

First and foremost, there’s a business trip. These travel expenses can be rather costly, and yet they are often necessary. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try to find ways to shave off some of these costs. The first place to look is to travel sites on the internet, such as Expedia, or a travel agency.

Cut Costs, Not Corners – A Practical Guide in 2020

These sites and businesses can help you not only book flights, hotel rooms, etc. but also get discounts on all of the above in the process. Then, you have to consider the quality of flights and hotel rooms, etc. that you’re willing to pay for. For example, when it comes to flights, you’re going to have to balance between cost and morale.

So, you want the savings of the coach with the luxury of first-class. This mixture doesn’t exist, of course, but there is a nice compromise between the two in the form of second class.

There are a number of other ways to save money on business expenses, as well. For example, there’s printing. Most businesses, if not all of them, have varying degrees of printing needs, and you may be overpaying for these needs. For example, most businesses print in black and white the majority of the time, and so you’re overpaying if you’re paying for an inkjet printer.

These printers require color ink cartridges in order to function, and these are more expensive for something you won’t even be using most of the time. So, consider switching to a laser printer. You will still have to replace these cartridges from time to time, but they last much longer and are much cheaper.

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The Final Thoughts

Another printing-related way to save is by eliminating interoffice printing. Instead of printing and distributing paper memos around the office, simply send a group email.

This is not only cheaper but also more convenient, as everyone has access to not only the memo but a written discussion thereof.

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