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Why It Is Critical To Answer All Business Calls Professionally

Small Business 3 Mins Read March 14, 2024 Posted by Mashum Mollah

In this digital age, we might be forgiven for thinking that automation is the perfect solution to everything, yet if you have ever made a business calls inquiry and encountered voicemail, you will already know that it simply doesn?t work.

Your registered business numbers are very much the front line for your business, as this would be the very first time a potential client has any human contact, and by using a virtual reception service, you can always be sure that potential new customers (and existing ones) are being dealt with in a courteous and professional manner.

Why It Is Critical To Answer All Business Calls Professionally

Let’s not make you wait any further, here is the reason why it is critical to answering all business calls professionally.

The Need For Human Contact :

Simply put, when a person calls any company for anything, they want to speak to another human being, and while you might save a few dollars by using an answering machine, the potential loss of business is huge.

For many small businesses, the cost of directly employing a qualified receptionist is impractical, and it would have to wait until the business is more established, yet by using a virtual receptionist service, you can affordably have all your incoming calls professionally handled.

For Australian based businesses calls, Office HQ virtual receptionist services are the ideal solution, and with very flexible packages, you can select something that ideally suits your needs.

Call Overflow Service :

If you already have your own receptionist who typically handles all calls, you can have an agreement with the virtual reception service provider that will cover you when things get busy, and that way, you are only paying for a service you use, and a majority of incoming calls can be handled by your own employee.

Some industries experience seasonal surges, and this is where the virtual receptionist service comes into its own, and once the mad rush is over, you can revert to your normal receptionist.

This ensures that all calls are answered professionally and it is the most cost-effective way of ensuring that your business does not suffer due to unanswered calls.

Fully Briefed Receptionists :

The virtual receptionist would be located at the provider?s call center and would be fully trained in all aspects of the client’s business. This means then they are able to take messages and forward calls to relevant people, and as far as the caller is concerned, the call is being answered by your own receptionist who is working in your office.

This is especially important in industries such as healthcare, where customer trust is essential to having them return in the future. Looking to hire a medical virtual receptionist means that patient queries and important information can be passed on to the relevant medical professionals, records can also be updated and appointments can be booked.

The great thing about this is that the receptionist, whilst trained to a safety-compliant standard, would simply be streamlining the process for a doctor so that the patient can be dealt with in a more timely and thorough manner. Having the process work from start to finish in this way can enhance the patient experience and improve their trust in you as a business.

Image counts for so much in business and the great thing about virtual reception services is that the caller is completely unaware, and as far as the business is concerned, every call is answered professionally, and usually within 5 seconds.

The Final Thoughts

The client can actually prepare their own script, which the virtual receptionist will use when answering calls, and any changes you wish to make can be instantly passed on to the service provider, which leaves you in complete control.

While technological development never stops, there are some things it simply cannot replace, such as a friendly and professional voice at the other end of the phone, and when you consider the implications of a missed ? or mishandled — call, can you really afford to take a chance?

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