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Why Your Company Should Consider Creating Animated Commercials

Why Your Company Should Consider Creating Animated Commercials

Animated Commercials

Various companies create marketing campaigns that use different strategies. If you have a marketing department, they doubtless spend time crafting campaigns that they will feel will help your business the most.

If you have a smaller company and you can’t afford a whole marketing department, then maybe you work on the campaigns yourself. As a small company owner, you probably take on many responsibilities.

Either way, you may consider creating some animated commercials if you have enough money and feel that’s a viable option. We’ll discuss why right now.

You Can Present Your Company In A Cute Or Lighthearted Way

Creating an animated commercial can help your company a great deal, provided you handle it the right way. Consider the ubiquitous Geico commercials featuring the talking gecko with an accent.

The gecko usually appears alongside real-life humans and interacts with them. Geico also sometimes has entirely animated commercials.

The gecko is a cute and charming mascot. He’s presenting insurance, which most people would not consider cute or charming. It seems at odds, but not when you think about it a little deeper.

If you have a product like insurance that your company sells, you likely don’t want stuffy or boring commercials. You need to liven up the product and make it more palatable. Everyone needs insurance, but they don’t associate buying it with a fun animated character.

Geico changed that, and you can do the same. If you make or sell a product or service that you need to present in a fun way, doing so through animation makes a lot of sense.

You Can Do Things With Animation That You Can’t In Real Life

You can present visual concepts in animated commercials that you can’t present so easily in real life. For instance, maybe you sell something like cyber protection measures for computers.

Let’s say you create an animated commercial. You can go inside the computer and have animated guards that stand ready to defend against any hackers or other online intruders that could steal a customer’s sensitive information. Without animation, you can’t explain this concept as easily.

With animation, your imagination is all that limits you. You can create visual presentations you simply can’t duplicate with a camera and human actors.

Do Things With Animation

Humans Like Animation

You should also realize that humans like animation and respond well to it. Think about kids who watch Saturday morning cartoons with sugary cereals in front of them. They learn about cartoons and animation very early in life.

They like the bombast that these shows present. They come to trust and like animated characters. They like them so much that they want their action figures, dolls, tee shirts, etc.

Adults like animated features and commercials as well. The adults who take their kids to Pixar movies probably enjoy them just as much. Animation takes them back to their childhoods and lets them forget their cares for a while.

Kids have no disposable income, but adults do. If you create an animated commercial or series of commercials that show your products or services in the right light, that can score major points with consumers.

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You Can Create Animated Commercials For Branding Purposes

You can also create animated commercials that will help with your branding efforts. Some companies create partnerships with celebrities.

Others have ordinary people appear in their commercials again and again. They essentially make ordinary people into minor celebrities through their commercials. Think about Flo from Progressive, for instance.

If you are using animation instead, you can create a character or series of characters, and you can use them repeatedly over the years. The Mars company does this with its M&Ms talking candies. They have been around for so long that they are a part of popular culture.

If you create an animated character that your potential customers or clients like, you can keep reusing them. You might create a character and use it in your commercials, but it can also greet customers when they visit your website. The character can help with your branding because whenever someone sees that entity, they will immediately think of your company.

You can create some animated characters that might appear in your commercials, and you can test them out with focus groups to see which ones seem the most popular. If a character tests well, they can represent your company in animated commercials in the coming years.

That kind of long-term marketing can create brand loyalty, which you always want.

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