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How and Why to Create an Advertising Video to Promote Services?

How and Why to Create an Advertising Video to Promote Services?

Advertising Video

Do you want to launch your company or a new product/service?

Do you want to be sure you can take full advantage of the possibilities that new technologies offer nowadays?

Well, today many platforms allow you to get in touch with those who can make the video professionally, build a channel on YouTube or simply upload an introductory video on the company’s website, use it during a fair or a presentation.

How and Why to Create an Advertising Video to Promote Services?

So, here are the reasons why you should create an advertising video to promote services.

Why the video?

Because it is the most complete solution to transmit everything you want in your company/service/ product. Moreover, thanks to YouTube, the communication is aimed at a specific topic searched by the user on search engines. It is very useful to promote the advertising video itself to publish it on a blog or on a specialized site related to the activity of your company.

In fact, the single image of more traditional advertising can have great communicative power in general for fashion brands and luxury goods. For more “niche” products that characterize medium-sized Italian companies, more than a symbol, an explanation is needed, expressed in multimedia content.

Let’s list what the most relevant features are in an advertising video.

The product

First of all, explaining what the company provides, what are the distinctive features of the product compared to the competition?

The identity of the company.

Not secondly, it is necessary to show what the identity of the company is, for example, if it is a company that produces traditional food products of a region, the recovery of a characteristic landscape will be worth a thousand words on the ingredients of the product. If the company operates in the furniture sector, it will be necessary to introduce potential customers in a design environment or in any case bring out a harmonious composition in the recovery. A good idea also consists of letting the owner speak directly about the company “vision and mission”. A combination of images and settings that quickly introduce the potential client into the company world and the sector in which it operates.

Customer education.

Especially for technological products, the customer must be educated on the use of the product itself. It is also important that the customer receives information that is not obvious about the product and the context of use. In this way, the video (ie the company itself) provides a sort of advice for the customer, who is then encouraged to buy or in any case to request more information.

The entertainment of the customer

The mix of information – product traits, company mission, explanation on the use and benefits of the product – must be articulated in a pleasant way, for example relying on the curiosity of the potential client, with good background music and quality images.

How to make a professional video?

Although the content of the advertising video is largely in charge of the company so that the video is certainly convincing and well taken care of from the technical point of view, it is useful to collaborate with a person who has gained professionalism in the field, be it a photographer, a journalist or, an industry enthusiast.

It is possible to contact these people like freelancers, thanks to many platforms that are allowed.

Clearly, communication between the company that commissions the video and those who make it is essential, the entrepreneur and the company must, that is, actively participate in the creation of the video and the message must be clearly agreed upon.

Some measures: if the product has a high technological content, it is logical that the educational/educational character prevails if, on the other hand, you want to focus, for example, on the quality of the product, it will certainly be important to highlight the organization and the identity of the company.

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Video categories

We have already seen that all promotional videos should contain all the basic elements of the message. Let’s try here to list some categories of videos in which some content is more relevant than others.

“Innovation” video

The emphasis is on the product and at the same time on the innovative aspect of the product itself. A strong didactic character will, therefore, be necessary. The video has a formative value and the professionalism and clarity with which the message is built contribute to strengthening the authority of the company as a technological partner.

Product/service video

Also, in this case, the emphasis is placed on the product and one must necessarily have educational / training content but the accent is less on the innovative and technological character. It is important in this kind of creations to show the problem that the product wants to solve and to empathize with the public. The generic scheme is:

  1. A) To create a situation,
  2. B) To highlight the problem and its consequences
  3. C) To show the solution and how easy it is to apply
  4. D) Final “takeaway”

Emotional video (fashion, perfumes, travels, music)

In this case, there is less emphasis on the functionality of the product and great attention to entertainment – think of a video on perfume or exotic cruises – and not less attention on the identity and culture of the company. Many of these videos leave out the description of the product but are based on the creation of a feeling, empathy, expectation, and feeling. It establishes a mechanism of memory that endures and is the same customer who will document on how to get hold of the product that are tickets for a concert or a piece of clothing.

Videos with the purpose of a brand (not directly aimed at selling)

In this case, promoting the company image – instead of one or more products – is the fundamental objective. An example is a video Ikea, associated with the release of a new smartphone very well known, which showed an innovative way to browse the Ikea catalog. Then remember the videos of Coca-Cola to wish a Merry Christmas.

Corporate video

Presents the company: mission, vision, and culture. The company is presented and often also the owners. The goal is to highlight the identity and strengths of the company itself. It is a kind of advertising video suitable for realities that need recognition as undisputed authorities in their sector. They rely on decades of experience and staff competence. They show care in operating and serving the customer.


In conclusion, categorizing advertising video simplify the work when you decide to create or commission one, it is essential to have clear objectives and methods of implementation. Often promotional videos can be considered belonging to a “genre” known to the public, a bit like film films, this makes the message more immediate and usable.

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