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Flexibility: Why A CoWorking Space In Malta Is Different

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Self-employed, successful, and free.

Three words that had gained heightened prominence when the era of remote working was ushered in once the Coronavirus Pandemic changed the way we lived and worked.

With a majority of working professionals preferring WFH or Remote Working opportunities, businesses are struggling to make them come back to the office once again. In reality, this has sparked what we now know as the ?Great Resignation? movement.

With remote working professionals looking for favorable destinations and locations to carry on working, Malta, the scenic Mediterranean nation, has emerged as an attractive proposition. In terms of all the other locations in this part of the world, Malta stands out.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of ?Flexibility? and what makes Malta truly unique as remote working capital for tech professionals, start-up founders, and serial entrepreneurs from not only the EU but the rest of the world.

Malta: The New Hotspot for Remote Working Professionals and Digital Nomads


Malta?s rise to prominence as a hotbed for the world?s global community is well known. In fact, its sizable expat population is a testament to that fact. Malta is incredibly cosmopolitan, with innumerable cafes, bars, restaurants, coworking spaces, and more.

It is perhaps one of the very few countries in the world that have successfully rolled out complete 5G connectivity, making it easier for remote workers to function. Malta is one of the friendliest countries to do business in, thanks to its progressive tax and legislative policies.

The best part about working in Malta has to be the beaches. Warm sunny weather that is available right through the year, along with sun-kissed shores, means that you get to enjoy work to the max. With amazing seafood options and a laid-back way of life, Malta is perfect for remote working professionals.

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Malta?s Coworking Spaces: Why Flexibility is a Top Attraction?


If you ask someone about the biggest advantage of using a coworking space in Malta, 90% will say it is all about flexibility. Flexibility in terms of locations, fee payments, and contract periods is what attracts remote working professionals to Malta and its coworking spaces.

The first and probably the most important benefit of using and working in a coworking space has to be flexibility. When looking for a coworking space in Malta, this is something that is never going to let you down.

Flexibility should be looked at in the following forms-

1. Flexibility of Location-

If you are looking for the best possible scenario, then you need to go with a coworking space brand that has multiple locations.

For example, Soho allows you to work out of its three locations- Savoy Gardens in Gzira, St Julians in Paceville, and The Strand (once again in Gzira). You can use just one membership and gain access to the three locations.

2. Flexibility of Seating Arrangements-

Can I sit at this table today and shift to the next one the following week? Who wouldn?t want to keep moving and enjoying the company of different people that are working in the coworking space?

This is where a concept like Hot Desk becomes advantageous. If you are getting a Hot Desk, you can get an affordable and fun seating arrangement with all amenities.

3. Flexibility of Term Period/Contract-

When you sign a traditional lease on an office, you are looking at time periods like one to three years. The benefit of using a coworking space is that you can pay as you go on. In other words, you can literally use the coworking space according to how you please. You can come in at any time and go out at any time. You might be gone for weeks, and it would not make a difference.

The flexibility of coworking spaces in Malta, especially with players like SOHO, means that you can enjoy the best working arrangement and soak in the beauty of the island at a pace, time, and cost of your convenience.

The Bottom Line

Data shows that Malta?s new Nomad Residence Permit, which was launched in July 2021, has been attracting remote working professionals from the USA and UK aggressively. If you are looking for the best coworking spaces in Malta, please reach out to us, and we will help you find one that is best suited for your budget and requirements.

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